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First Global Tokenized FinTech Media House – Welt Der Wunder Security Token Offering

On August 16 2021, the Security Token Offering of the German media house Welt der Wunder launches. Welt der Wunder is an internationally successful high-quality content production company and operator of TV stations in Germany and Switzerland.

Through the issuance of Security Tokens worth EUR 25 million, professional investors from the European Union have the opportunity to participate in the growth of Welt der Wunder.

Welt der Wunder has been an internationally sought-after producer of high-quality content such as documentaries and series for over 25 years. The issuer offers investors the opportunity to participate in the growing popularity and revenue growth of this outstanding media company. 

Welt der Wunder reaches 15 million viewers per month via its television channels and 12 million views online. In addition, the issuer’s magazine is the market leader in the field of German knowledge magazines with a monthly circulation of 120,000 copies. The company has a unique database of 30,000 media assets in the areas of knowledge, service and everyday life. The Security Token Offering is intended to expand and accelerate the TV station’s growing market share.

Via its own sales force, Welt der Wunder was able to increase its revenue by 140% in 2019. In the next few years, the market share in Germany is intended to be increased to 0.7 — 1% through targeted marketing. This would bring Welt der Wunder advertising revenues of EUR 360 million to EUR 418 million. The token holders will participate in up to 20% of the annual profits of Welt der Wunder.

Hendrik Hey — The founder and CEO of Welt der Wunder Sendebetrieb GmbH sees the potential that the security token offering in cooperation with Black Manta Capital Partners offers for the issuer as follows: “As the Welt der Wunder team has been intensively involved with innovation and digitalisation for years, we very quickly recognised the potential of tokenization for our company and our investors. Black Manta Capital Partners, as a Bafin regulated financial services provider and specialist in the field of Security Token, is the logical partner for our issuance.”

Alexander Rapatz — Co-Founder and Managing Partner of BMCP: “Welt der Wunder has existed as a brand for 25 years. I enjoyed their content as a child and I still do so. Hendrik Hey and his team are known for their blockchain affinity. Not least because of this, they are media pioneers and always on the lookout for innovation. We are very pleased to be able to accompany the issuer in the transaction and thereby offer our investors the opportunity to invest in the digital future of the media world.” 

The structuring of the issuance was supported by the Frankfurt law firm FinLaw. The technical implementation was carried out in partnership with the Luxembourg-based tokenization service provider Tokeny.

See more information on the STO here

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Photo by K 26 on Unsplash


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