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CrowdLustro to Include Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and Other Alternative Investments

CrowdLustro, an equity crowdfunding aggregator and due diligence platform, has expanded its current deal aggregation offerings to include alternative asset classes. The new asset classes include NFTs, Cryptocurrencies, SPACs, Real Estate, Art and Other Collectibles.

CrowdLustro’s community of users will be able to browse investment opportunities in these alternative investment asset classes, contribute to diligence reports by signing up as a deal reporter, as well as vote on deals using the CrowdScore rating system. Offering additional investment alternatives on our platform provides an opportunity for investors to share due diligence on non-traditional investment opportunities.

“We continue to focus on investment alternatives that are available to all investors, not just wealthy individuals” said Michael Knox, Founding Investor of CrowdLustro. “Investors are increasingly interested in alternative or non-correlated assets available through a wide variety of platforms, and we are excited to bring this all together in one place,” he added.

CrowdLustro’s search functionality will make the new asset classes sortable with the ability for the crowd to contribute research and opinions, allowing users to have discussions about specific transactions in order to help with the diligence process. Our platform has been developed to nurture an ecosystem of shared due diligence on alternative assets and is free for all investors.

About CrowdLustro

CrowdLustro aggregates equity and debt crowdfunding deals from all crowdfunding portals. CrowdLustro is designed to facilitate research of the various Title III crowdfunding deals in one place and features alerts and portfolio functions. In addition, research related to each deal is provided by the “crowd” through our vetting of experienced small company investors who provide their own research and analysis of crowdfunding deals to help everyone better understand terms, returns, and risks associated with these types of investments.

Photo by Cody Silver on Unsplash

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