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Equisafe and Pour Que Marseille Vive! deploy the first NFT of a physical work of art in France on Tezos

On 1 June 2021, the association Pour Que Marseille Vive! and Equisafe has deployed the first NFT (Non Fungible Token), on the Tezos public blockchain, of a physical work of art in France. This project is part of the association’s desire to democratise access to art, a desire shared with Equisafe. Tokenised on the occasion of the association’s last exhibition at the Château Promicea in Marseille, this work by the Marseille artist Deniz Doruk was offered as a co-session to nearly 150 visitors. In the continuity of this operation, a new tokenized work by a Marseilles artist will be unveiled and offered for sale at the association’s next Le exhibition on 19 June 2021. 

NFT is emerging as the new disruptive tool in the art market. In March 2021, the digital work Everydays: The First 5,000 Days, by crypto-artist Beeple, sold for €69 million at Christie’s. This landmark sale introduced the general public to NFTs and the digital art market. An NFT is a unique and non-reproducible token thanks to the blockchain. It allows both to value creators from the digital world and to make the ownership of works accessible. The association Pour que Marseille Vive ! and Equisafe see blockchain technology as a solution for splitting the ownership of a work digitally and proportionally, while guaranteeing the traceability of fractions and its rarity. Beyond being a simple means of selling digital works, this technology offers the art market a way to free itself from norms by allowing the greatest number of people to buy a piece of art while guaranteeing that ownership becomes authentic, with the right of ownership being transferable.

The choice of Tezos technology was a natural one, combining art with a blockchain with French roots, eco-responsible and efficient. This is precisely what the Tezos protocol offers thanks to the governance natively integrated into its software. This tokenisation is not limited to digital content and is presented as a new tool for the democratisation of the art market, by allowing co-investment by individuals. The art market opens up to the greatest number of people while artists benefit from a new source of remuneration outside the traditional art market flows.

After the success of this first tokenisation, which was made possible thanks to Equisafe’s innovations and whose work was part of the “Resist Together” exhibition, the Pour Que Marseille Vive! association is repeating the process and will offer a new work at its next exhibition, scheduled for 19 June 2021. The income generated by the sale of the tokenised work will go partly to the artist and partly to the association, enabling it to develop new artistic initiatives, including The Artist Incubator project at Château Pastré.

About Pour Que Marseille Vive ! 

The association Pour Que Marseille Vive! was born out of the desire to revive the Château Pastré, which has been abandoned since the Musée de la Faïence moved to the Château Borély in 2013. The association’s actions are based on the ambition to create a new kind of artistic and cultural centre in the Château Pastré. It can be summed up by adopting the codes of popular and digital culture in order to better transmit and develop the love of art and the pleasure of creation in all its forms.

About Tezos       

Tezos is a smart currency that redefines what it means to hold and exchange value in a digital and connected world. Scalable and proven, the Tezos blockchain seamlessly embraces tomorrow’s innovations without disrupting today’s network. 

About Equisafe 

Equisafe is a platform that connects investors and companies with the mission of making financial instruments more liquid and extending the accessibility of these securities to more people. Founded in 2019, in June of the same year the platform carried out the first real estate sale via blockchain in Europe (also known as the “AnnA transaction”). Equisafe now has more than 3000 users.

Photo by Gabrigel on Unsplash

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