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Libra Project Officially Joins the Crypto Climate Accord

Libra Project is proud to announce that it has formally joined the Crypto Climate Accord. We are now among the leading corporations seeking to decarbonize the cryptocurrency industry. The Accord’s bold stand on climate change and the promise cryptocurrencies offer as a viable solution to fight greenhouse gas emissions and fossil fuels usage is in line with our continued ethos and mission value.

The heart of our purpose-driven mission as The Future of Green Energy remains to promote a greener change within the existing carbon structures in the cryptocurrency/blockchain industries, and beyond.

Joining the Crypto Climate Accord should come as no surprise to anyone aware of Libra Project and our mission. From our inception, we have been diligently working to impact a better and more sustainable future for the stakeholders within cryptocurrencies. Libra Project will be a green energy producer that will use blockchain to allow our investors to monitor our activities.

We aim to help to reduce the global carbon footprint via our green energy production, and we also plan to create impact-investment opportunities for the global population through our renewable energy projects.

What Is the Crypto Climate Accord?

The Accord is a private sector-led initiative that targets the decarbonization of the entire cryptocurrency industry. Inspired by the Paris Climate Agreement, the Crypto Climate Accord was formed by a team of fintech and crypto industry leaders that include: Energy Web Foundation, Alliance for Innovative regulation, and the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI). The formation of the Accord was necessary, addressing the increasingly growing concern of energy consumption by the cryptocurrency industry due to its surging global popularity and current mining methods.

By closely working with its members and supporters, the Crypto Climate Accord aims to achieve its overall objectives by breaking them down into three provisional goals, which are:

  1. Enable the world’s blockchain to be powered entirely by renewable energy sources before the United Nations Climate Change Conference (UNFCCC) 2025 COP
  2. Develop an open-source accounting standard for measuring emissions from the cryptocurrency industry.
  3. Achieve net-zero emissions for the entire crypto industry, including all business operations beyond blockchains and retroactive emissions, by 2040.

With Libra Project and well over a dozen prominent cryptocurrency organizations on board, the Crypto Climate Accord is on track to achieve its stated objectives through the promotion and use of renewable energy solutions.

Libra Project — A Renewable Energy Company

Libra Project is a purpose-driven, profit-minded global power supplier and investment platform. Our mission is to amass renewable energy plants all over the developing world and utilize innovative technology to democratize the impact-investing space.

What differentiates Libra Project from many other organizations currently in the Crypto Climate Accord (and other green-centric cryptocurrency-related projects) is the fact that Libra Project is fundamentally a renewable energy company. Its efforts are focused in seven areas of renewable energy that include:

● Geothermal

● Biomass

● Hydropower

● Waste to energy

● Wind

● Solar

● Waste heat recovery

In line with our company mission, Libra Project intends to acquire and refurbish renewable energy facilities for its investors. We believe that these assets will then deliver steady profits for investors once the facilities are in operation. Libra Project is currently ready to go live with 20 medium-sized renewable energy plants across Thailand, Nepal, and the Philippines.

Libra Project is driven and guided by three principles crucial to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

1. To improve the lives of 100 million people globally by 2030 using a profit-driven model that targets the renewable energy sector, remaining independent and sustainable throughout its existence.

2. To help advance the SDGs for a better and more sustainable future, as envisioned by the UN.

3. To catalyze and democratize impact investing through a secure, transparent, and auditable software platform that provides real-time updates on financial performance and impact data reporting to project owners, operators, regulators, and investors. This is attainable using blockchain technology.

Scalable Process with Universal-Investment Opportunity

Libra Project is unique in that we plan to use blockchain technology in the future to tokenize our ecosystem following the initial fundraising stage. Tokenization makes it possible for everyone to invest by lowering the amount of investment required to as low as $100 per individual and removing layers that create unnecessary expense and make traditional investments expensive. This creates an opportunity for more types of investors to have access to renewable energy project investments. From their dashboard, investors will be able to monitor the performance of their projects. In our view, democratizing and reducing the cost of investment in this asset class creates a universal investment opportunity, and if designed in the right way, can be inherently scalable. As such, we believe that Libra Project occupies a pivotal space both in the development of the green energy industry, and in representing the future of crypto energy investment.

More broadly, Libra Project is aware that the cryptocurrency industry includes miners who currently consume a tremendous amount of electricity. The recent surge of popularity in cryptocurrencies has resulted in a corresponding surge in electricity consumption by miners globally. One of the challenges that miners face in developing countries is access to stable and affordable electricity. Libra Project addresses these challenges by both providing renewable energy sources in the developing world and by leading the way on emphasizing the importance of renewable energy.

Taken together, these opportunities and challenges, coupled with the urgent need for global action against climate change, position Libra Project to uniquely contribute at a crucial point with its proposed solutions, and thereby significantly advancing not only its own objectives, but also those of the Crypto Climate Accord.

Photo by Karsten Würth on Unsplash


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