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Standard Tokenization Protocol (STP) Launches Community Governance Feature

Standard Tokenization Protocol (STP) is excited to announce that it has officially launched the community governance feature on the STP 2.0 website!

With this feature, users can read our latest announcement and engage in community discussion for the STP’s future development.

In the first version, Standard Tokenization Protocol (STP) has created three categories: Announcement, Proposal, and Vote. Users can easily post their own proposals by signing up on the community governance page. Every week, its community managers will select excellent posts and answers and reward users with STPT on Blockzone.com.

Standard Tokenization Protocol (STP)

Standard Tokenization Protocol is an open-source standard for defining how tokenized assets are issued and transferred. Tokens built on top of STP use the protocol’s on-chain validator to verify compliance with all necessary regulations and issuer-specific requirements. STP-tokenized assets are fully transferable across any blockchain platform.


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For more press release about STP:

Standard Tokenization Protocol (STP) Network is Launching STP 2.0 on Polkadot


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