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flovtec confirms Strategic Growth Path of Digital Asset Ecosystem

flov technologies AG (flovtec) today announces strategic steps to focus its business on Market Making Services for digital assets, in order to capture the rapid growth of the digital asset ecosystem.

In its first three years of existence, flovtec has pursued two lines of business: market making services based on client mandates to provide liquidity for tokens or exchanges, and investment products which offer access to a diversified set of strategies deployed on digital assets. With digital asset markets expanding rapidly, to the tune of approximately 20 new tokens per day, the demand for market making services has reached an unprecedented growth. This is as well reflected in flovtec’s pipeline for market making services, which currently contains multiple prospects, and is growing by the day. In order to capture this highly attractive growth opportunity, flovtec has decided to fully concentrate its efforts on market making only. By automating both the client acquisition and servicing processes, flovtec will disrupt the current way for token issuers & exchanges to acquire a market making service provider by launching an online store. This will profoundly re-shape the landscape of market making services’ offerings, and it requires flovtec’s laser-sharp focus, as well as the restructuring of the investment products, in order to be successful and deliver the most value to our clients, partners and investors.

As a consequence of the changes in strategy, a number of organizational alignments have been agreed by the Board of Directors and will be implemented immediately by the Executive Board.

Emanuel Burgener, who has been with the firm since its launch as co-founder and Chief Investment Officer (CIO), will take over the crucial Chief Operating Officer (COO) role. His previous experience as Deputy CEO, as well as his familiarity with all aspects of flovtec, will allow him to quickly adapt flovtec’s operating model to the strengthened focus on market making and support the entire organization throughout its next phase.

Thomas Fecker Boxler, co-founder of flovtec and serving as COO, will be proposed to join the Board of Directors at the next Annual General Meeting (AGM). Thomas’ broad experience in building up firms from scratch and investing in early-stage tech firms would enable him to steer and grow flovtec from a Board position.

Manuel Krieger, the co-founder of flovtec and Chairman of the Board, has successfully positioned the firm for the next phase of growth. In parallel, he was critical in building up Sygnum Bank, the world’s first digital asset bank, which has recently announced the launch of a secondary market platform for security tokens. In light of the arising business opportunities and synergies between the two firms, and in order to avoid any potential conflicts of interest, Manuel is planned to transition out of flovtec’s Board of Directors at the next AGM.

Anton Golub, co-founder and member of the Board of Directors, has been leading flovtec as CEO since the start. As planned, in order to strengthen and upgrade the governance framework of flovtec and comply with international standards, Anton will step down as a Board of Directors’ member and focus on his role as Chief Executive Officer.

Finally, the Executive Board will be further strengthened by promoting Imre Vincze from Head of IT to Chief Technology Officer, and Nicolas Grawe from Business Development & Sales Associate to Chief Growth Officer.

”We thank Manuel Krieger for his strong leadership in the Board of Directors. Manuel’s experience and deep knowledge of the digital asset industry were invaluable to flovtec’s development and growth, from a small start-up to a respected stakeholder in the Swiss digital asset ecosystem. With the strengthened focus on market making we will continue his legacy at flovtec and wish him all the very best with Sygnum Bank.”Dr. Daniel Diemers, flovtec’s Board of Directors member

“flovtec’s strategy change and organizational adaptations ensure we have the strong team, capabilities and focus for the next phase of growth. With our market making services, we are unlocking liquidity of digital assets and firmly supporting our clients, partners and stakeholders.”Anton Golub, CEO of flovtec

Photo by Peter Wormstetter on Unsplash

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