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Liquefy Launches Liquefy Ventures for Institutions and Family Offices to Navigate the Evolving Cryptocurrency Space

Liquefy is excited to announce the launch of Liquefy Ventures to help institutional investors and family offices strategically navigate the emerging cryptocurrency space to capture opportunities in the digital asset ecosystem.

Liquefy Ventures
Liquefy Ventures

This move extends Liquefy’s presence in the ecosystem beyond its expertise in tokenization of real assets. Liquefy Ventures will build a bridge between traditional finance and the rapidly growing digital asset economy. Recognising the trajectory and opportunity presented by the evolving ecosystem, Liquefy Ventures will collaborate with its clients on strategic initiatives and invest in projects that are the backbone of the next-generational financial infrastructure.

Liquefy was founded in late 2018 as a tokenization expert. The company has been closely monitoring the development of the broader digital asset space. Over the last six months fertile market conditions, increasingly developed infrastructure, ‘blue chip’ institutional involvement, and most importantly, the rapid growth of decentralized finance (DeFi), indicate the right timing for institutions and family offices entering the space.

“Without a doubt, while digital assets are on the radar to be included in the portfolios of family offices, HNWIs and institutions, this exposure is only seeing the tip of the ice-berg. By leveraging Liquefy’s expertise in the digital assets space, our vision for Liquefy Ventures is to capture and maximise the opportunities and yields from the seismic shifts digital assets are enabling. We look forward to finally entering and helping our clients navigate this exciting area.”

Adrian Lai, CEO of Liquefy

About Liquefy

Since founding in 2018, Liquefy has been widely recognised as the leading tokenization expert in Asia with a focus on late-stage start-ups, real estate and funds and a portfolio of landmark cross-asset tokenization commercialization cases. In 2020, Liquefy became the first company globally to obtain a financial license in the UAE for online distribution and OTC trading of tokenized assets. Liquefy has an extensive commercial network and diverse client base – covering institutions, governments, funds and prominent family offices. It is currently backed by multiple reputable Asian families and global investors spanning the US, China, Hong Kong and the Middle East.

Photy by Nick Kwan on Pexels

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