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Siemens to use white-label funding infrastructure for sustainable energy project in Africa

Last week, Swarm Capital announced its launch in response to the need for professional services in the inevitable movement towards tokenization of many of the world’s assets.

One of the most compelling use cases for tokenization is in the energy sector, which has been brought to the fore lately in public discussions concerned with energy accountability, transparency, and sustainability. The energy industry is abundant with potential use cases — from the tokenization of energy itself to the digital representation of carbon emissions.

Swarm Capital sees great opportunities in the application of blockchain enabled finance technology to energy industries, and has been talking with a number of key players in this sector who are looking for cutting-edge solutions to emerging problems.

Today, we’re pleased to announce a partnership between Swarm Capital and a pivotal player in the energy sector — the largest industrial manufacturing company in Europe.

Siemens, recognizing SWARM’s experience in blockchain-based tokenization and fundraising, has engaged Swarm Capital to use its platform stack to build white-label funding infrastructure for a sustainable energy project in Africa.

Building on top of SWARM’s open protocol for digital securities allows Swarm Capital — working with global innovators — to prove that blockchain technology, and more specifically, asset tokenization, can deliver real solutions to relevant problems.

Swarm Capital is building its services on top of the SWARM Protocol to enable its customers to leverage underlying infrastructure and integrate with other premium services. The result are a-la-carte and white-label offerings for clients who desire additional support in the design, development, and lifetime management of their digital assets infrastructure.

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