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SunMoney Solar Group establishes alliance with DIONE Protocol to propel renewable energy tokenization

Central to this collaboration is the possible deployment of SunMoney’s SDBN tokens on DIONE’s Layer1 Blockchain, ‘Odyssey

SunMoney Solar Group, which runs the world’s largest Community Solar Power Program, is pleased to announce a collaborative partnership with DIONE Protocol, an emerging name in the blockchain sphere focussed on renewable energy. This alliance signifies an important step forward for both companies, aiming to explore the possibilities of tokenization within the green energy landscape.

Central to this collaboration is the possible deployment of SunMoney’s SDBN tokens on DIONE’s Layer1 Blockchain, ‘Odyssey’. The SDBN tokens, which are backed by SunMoney Solar Group’s expanding solar energy production capabilities, offer investors the opportunity to put their money into a tangible, enduring asset. These tokens not only create wealth for their holders via monthly dividends but also empower users with immediate access to comprehensive data and analytics, enabling them to make knowledgeable investment choices. Supported by a robust infrastructure and a trustworthy guarantor system, these digital asset-backed currencies – the SDBN tokens – carry substantial promise for expansion and profitability.

This initiative could potentially transform the renewable investment space by consolidating clean energy tokenization assets onto a single, secure, and efficient blockchain platform. By utilizing DIONE’s progressive blockchain technology, the partnership’s initial phase will investigate the possibility of introducing wrapped tokens of SunMoney’s existing tokenization projects. The long-term strategy of this partnership includes exploring dedicated solar tokenization projects on the Odyssey Blockchain.

“SunMoney Solar Group is dedicated to exploring new ways to make solar energy more accessible and profitable. Our partnership with DIONE Protocol is a promising opportunity to leverage their advanced clean energy blockchain technology and explore the capabilities of our SDBN tokens. We’re enthusiastic about the benefits this collaboration could bring to our clients and the wider renewable space,” said Zoltan Rendes, Chief Marketing Officer, and Partner at SunMoney Solar Group.

Another aspect of this partnership is the opportunity for SunMoney to potentially become a validator on DIONE’s Blockchain. Through DIONE’s ORION renewable energy validator program, SunMoney may be able to utilize its existing solar parks to enhance the Odyssey Blockchain’s green power. This aligns with both companies’ commitment to promoting truly sustainable solutions.

“A partnership with SunMoney Solar Group presents an exciting opportunity for DIONE Protocol. By pooling our blockchain knowledge with SunMoney’s solar energy resources and innovative approach, we hope to seek new ways of producing, distributing, and consuming clean energy,” added a representative from DIONE Protocol.

SunMoney Solar Group is renowned for running the world’s largest community solar program, operating solar power plants, and offering its own asset-backed clean energy tokens, SDBN1, SDBN2, and SDBN3. Furthermore, they have recently unveiled a cutting-edge zero-emission tyre recycling technology, further underscoring their commitment to sustainability. This strategic partnership between SunMoney Solar Group and DIONE Protocol represents an optimistic step towards advancing renewable energy adoption and investment through blockchain technology.

SunMoney Solar Group was established in the year 2013. SunMoney Solar Group is a group of international companies building, operating and acquiring solar power plants in Central Eastern Europe (CEE). SunMoney is headquartered in Dubai, UAE, has offices in Germany, Hungary and Singapore and partner offices in Asia and the Americas.

The group is running a global community solar power program with already 50 thousand clients from 60 countries. The community solar power program is bringing the solar investment opportunity for small private investors since 2013. The group also coordinated the construction of solar power plants for third parties and has expertise in trading too.

SunMoney launched a new investment opportunity, Project Summits in 2019, selling preference shares in solar power plants for private investors. The success of this project showed the group that there is a bigger opportunity which can involve mid and large investors. In 2022, SunMoney launched its own tokenization solutions with asset-backed cryptocurrency tokens. The future-conscious group currently has two tokens, namely, the SDBN1 and the SDBN2, with plans to venture into bringing more such investment opportunities to private investors in the future.