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RedSwan CRE, the industry-leading tokenized commercial real estate marketplace, has entered into a strategic partnership with Tassets, the leading Asset Tokenization as a Service (ATaaS) platform, through which Tassets will be the technology engine that powers and maintains RedSwan’s marketplace. Through this new arrangement, RedSwan will utilize Tassets’ proprietary technology, enabling RedSwan to focus on its core competencies of structuring and to create compliant industry-standard for tokenized real estate around the globe. Tassets (previously known as RealTo Group), a Silicon Valley-based Web 3.0 company, tokenizes real-world assets by enabling simple, ultra-secure, low-cost, and barrier-free transactions.

“RedSwan’s collaboration with Tassets will be a force multiplier for our clients, creating a best-in-class global platform for commercial real estate tokenization,” said Ed Nwokedi, RedSwan’s Founder and CEO. “We believe RedSwan CRE and Tassets will set the standard of excellence for our industry, enabling investors to access the most efficient and secure process for purchasing and trading digital real estate securities,” added Mr. Nwokedi.

“Tassets’ mission is to create Asset Tokenization as a Solution (ATaaS), powering the global tokenized asset distribution lifecycle and investing in alternative assets using Web 3.0 technologies. Our new partnership with RedSwan is an important milestone and validation of our platform,” said Prasanth Kalangi, Tassets’ Founder and CEO. “As the leading tokenization marketplace, RedSwan is rapidly demonstrating the efficacy of digital tokenization and creating new pathways for investing in commercial real estate, and we are proud to become their exclusive technology partner,” added Mr. Kalangi.

A Large and Growing Market Opportunity
With a global real estate market of $128 trillion, tokenization of real estate is growing in demand with the potential to transform capital markets by using digitized security tokens backed by hard assets.  RedSwan is a tokenization platform that enhances real estate investment transactions through fractional ownership, private access, affordability, and 24/7 liquidity trading options. To-date, the company has tokenized more than $6 billion in real estate assets, operating with full FINRA licensing to provide compliant transactions.

“Digital real estate tokenization is an example of the power of harnessing blockchain technology backed by real world assets, and RedSwan intends to continue to be the pioneer in this space, globally,” added Mr. Nwokedi.

About RedSwan

Founded in April 2018, RedSwan CRE is a blockchain-based marketplace that leverages tokenization technology to fractionalize ownership of commercial real estate, making investments more affordable. Sponsors and private investors now have early liquidity options through issuance and tradability of asset-backed digital securities. Drawing on the team’s deep expertise in real estate, finance, and technology, RedSwan CRE is providing leading-edge capital market solutions for the global real estate capital markets industry.

About Tassets

Based in Silicon Valley, Tassets develops and deploys a white label, customized and branded asset tokenization solution and platform leveraging Blockchain and AI technologies. The company has created Asset Tokenization as a Service (ATaaS) to streamline the entire tokenized asset distribution lifecycle by disintermediating, integrating, and powering the process. By using Tassets’ ATaaS solutions, institutions can reduce costs, digitize their assets and make them more accessible to a diverse spectrum of investors.

Photo by Ameer Basheer on Unsplash

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