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Ricard Group, an Australian real estate investment company, has partnered with Tabla, a blockchain stock tokenization platform, to launch the tokenized BRX Property Fund. The launch provides investors worldwide with access to Australian real estate investments in amounts as low as $100, increasing financial inclusion and expanding investment opportunities. The fund offers two options, an equity interest via a BRXP token or a debt interest on a BRXC token. Both open opportunities in Australian real estate, a sector known for its stability and growth potential.

The BRXP token is a Redeemable Preference Unit that represents an equity interest in the Fund. It is issued at AUD 100 each through a BRXP Digital Certificate, allowing investors to receive regular income and potential capital gains on the property assets held. The BRXC token, on the other hand, is a Redeemable Convertible Note issued as a digital certificate at a price of AUD 100 each, representing loans or borrowings. Investors in the BRXC token receive interest payments as a form of fund payment.

Both tokens are now available for purchase on Orderbook.io, a tokenized stock trading marketplace. Orderbook.io enables users to easily trade tokens and invest in high-quality projects like those offered by Ricard Group.

“We are excited to partner with Tabla to launch our tokenized funds on Orderbook.io. Our goal is to provide investors worldwide with access to quality investments like Australian real estate, even with small budgets. We believe that this partnership will allow us to achieve that goal and contribute to increasing financial inclusion,” said Michael Van Cuylenburg, Principal of Ricard Group.

Tabla, a blockchain cap table management platform for funds, was instrumental in the successful launch of these tokenized funds. “Tabla enabled us to streamline the process of managing our fund cap table and helped us offer our investors a seamless investment experience. We are confident that other funds looking to do similar things can also benefit from Tabla,” said Michael.

The launch of these tokenized funds marks an important milestone for Ricard Group and Orderbook.io, who are committed to democratizing access to high-quality investment opportunities.

Furthermore, funds looking to offer similar investment opportunities can leverage the capabilities of Tabla to launch their own tokenized funds.

Image by Urlaubstracker from Unsplash

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