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International Token Exchange and DigiShares Partner to Revolutionize Investment in Real Assets Using Digital Tokens

International Token Exchange (“ITE”) is an alternative investment platform providing exposure to real assets in the form of digital tokens. In doing so, asset owners are able to unlock trapped capital and investors are able to participate in markets previously out-of-reach from the average person. 

ITE will be using the DigiShares’ white label technology to tokenize a range of real assets such as rare whiskey, fine art, luxury watches and asset-backed loans. 

Tokens issued via the ITE platform will simply be digital representations of shares in an SPV that owns the underlying assets, thereby guaranteeing all of the same rights will transfer to the owner in exactly the same way as traditional holdings but with increased liquidity, transparency and security. An issuer can bring a token to market in a matter of a few minutes, and an investor can buy or sell their holdings at the push of a button.

Claus Skaaning, Co-Founder and CEO of DigiShares, stated about the partnership: “We are excited to be working with ITE, pushing the barriers and working together for the quality, transparency, security and compliance of the digital assets and security token industry.”

Anthony Bodenstein, Founder of ITE, said: “We view DigiShares as one of the leading players in the fast-growing tokenization industry and look forward to collaborating. We see great value in the tokenization of real assets as a vehicle for enabling liquidity and creating equal opportunity access for retail investors.”

More on the project, Anthony said “In the years following the 2008 financial crisis, low interest rates encouraged investors to preserve value by holding real assets. And now, in the inflationary environment that has characterized 2022, we’re seeing further appreciation of those assets due their increased scarcity. Many people want to participate in these trends but face significant barriers to accessing the assets, and then securely storing them can be complex and costly. Owners of the assets want a way to release some of the capital trapped in them without having to sell the entire asset or sell into an illiquid market. At ITE, our solution solves all of these problems by providing improved liquidity, safe storage and the ability to fractionalize assets”

“Studies show that investing in real assets beats cash or government paper in the long run, and the evidence from the past 15 years or so strongly supports this. What is lacking in the market is efficiency. It is widely expected in the market that blockchain technology is the best solution to this set of problems, and ITE will be at the forefront of this innovation.” 

About ITE

International Token Exchange was set up by a group of experienced financial services professionals and will be registered with the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission for AML purposes.

With the growth of assets being tokenised across the world they realised that investors would need a trusted exchange where these investments could be listed, bought and sold. This would encourage financial inclusion, streamline processes and procedures by using blockchain technology for transparency and auditability as well as creating innovative products.

We are redefining global ownership and investment possibilities by making alternative asset classes available to all investors, opening the door to investment opportunities that most investors would not have access to.

About DigiShares

DigiShares is one of the leading providers of white-label tokenization platforms for real world assets, combining financing, corporate management, and trading in an end-to-end solution. Our solutions enable asset owners and fund managers to digitize and automate processes, to reduce administrative cost, to reduce the ticket size to fractionalize and democratize and enable retail investors to participate, and finally to provide a huge increase in liquidity through the built-in marketplace that enables shareholders to trade their assets.

Photo by Tobias Keller on Unsplash

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