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Tetra Trust announces partnership with MeetAmi Innovations to deliver turnkey solution for Digital Asset investing to Wealth Managers

Tetra Trust Company and MeetAmi Innovations Inc. announce a partnership to offer a turnkey solution to Canada’s wealth management market, offering the ability to invest in Digital Assets and hold the asset base with a qualified Canadian custodian. The collaboration delivers Canada’s only regulated and compliant Digital Asset wealth management and Canadian qualified custody solution. To meet market demand, MeetAmi and Tetra Trust will be providing a solution for Canadian wealth advisors to manage Digital Asset investments on behalf of their clients and secure these assets in a compliant and regulated custody solution.

MeetAmi’s AmiPro wealth management platform enables wealth management advisors to invest and manage Digital Assets for their clients. MeetAmi provides a separately managed account interface, along with trade functionality and asset storage, delivered by its partner network of qualified and regulated exchanges and custody providers.

“Working with Tetra Trust, Canada’s first qualified Digital Asset custodian, ensures MeetAmi is delivering a best-in-class, Canadian-based custody solution through the AmiPro platform. Wealth management advisors can now hold Digital Assets locally and manage them under Canadian regulatory oversight and compliance. As demand, regulation and governance frameworks develop, MeetAmi is proud to be the market leader with Tetra Trust in supporting the Digital Asset investment industry with solutions that are based on traditional financial investment compliance and regulatory frameworks,” said Hashim Mitha, MeetAmi’s CEO.

“Tetra Trust’s goal in partnering with MeetAmi is to provide their investment advisors and clients with absolute confidence in the safety and security of the Digital Assets being included in their portfolios. As Canada’s only qualified custodian for Digital Assets, we offer institutional-grade custody solutions for these assets and will do so for additional products that MeetAmi chooses to bring to market,” said Didier Lavallée, Tetra Trust’s CEO.

Tetra Trust partners with Ledger Enterprise to provide secure infrastructure for the Digital Assets under its custody in Canada.

The data and transactions in Digital Assets vary greatly to classic stocks and the AmiPro platform is able to intake this data and report it so wealth management advisors have a single view of their client holdings. The interface layers over the functionality of exchanges enabling the advisor an intuitive user interface for managing the assets as well as the tracking and tracing for compliance. AmiPro also has a transaction block that captures all transactions to provide an immutable ledger of the advisor activity for compliance and reporting.

About MeetAmi Innovations

Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, MeetAmi Innovations Inc. is a Fintech company that helps wealth management firms navigate the world of Digital Assets on behalf of their clients. The company has launched AmiPro™, the first technology platform that bridges between traditional finance and Digital Assets in North America. This wealth management platform includes the software, learning and ecosystem to support firms and advisors in designing their Digital Asset practice, meet their fiduciary responsibility, and address their proficiency requirements. The organization empowers advisors to confidently invest in Digital Assets while navigating the Digital Asset world.

About Tetra Trust

Founded in 2019, Tetra Trust is Canada’s first and only trust company licensed to custody digital assets. Tetra received its Certificate of Registration from the Government of Alberta on July 5, 2021 and meets the definition of a qualified custodian under National Instrument 31-103 and National Instrument 81-102. The Company is backed by Coinsquare, Canada’s premier cryptocurrency exchange digital asset trading platform; Coinbase Ventures, an investment arm of Coinbase which is one of the world’s largest publicly traded cryptocurrency exchanges; the Canadian Securities Exchange; Mogo Financial Inc.; Urbana Corporation; and others. Led by a first-class team of security and business experts and a Board of Directors with extensive trust company experience, Tetra delivers the most advanced digital asset storage technology in the industry.

Photo by Samson on Unsplash

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