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Assetera signs a strategic partnership with Realiz to tokenize and trade Real Estate Token Investments 

Assetera, the first EU-regulated trading platform for digital securities and digital assets, licensed and supervised by the Austrian FMA, is delighted to announce a strategic partnership with Realiz, the global marketplace for Real Estate Tokens. With this partnership, Assetera will become a liquidity venue for Real Estate Token Investments.

“Real estate tokenization has been of particular interest for a lot of investors in the blockchain and TradFi space. Since these tokens are backed by real world assets, their value will depend on the performance of the underlying, just like traditional real estate investments work. Real estate tokenization brings more efficiency, flexibility, transparency, and liquidity that blockchain technology provides. We are excited about the upcoming real estate listings on the Assetera platform.” – Thomas Labenbacher, Founder & CEO Assetera.

A large part of the world’s wealth today is locked in illiquid assets. Good real estate investments come with high costs, expensive intermediaries and are focused on HNWI. Real estate tokenization could also help track apartment rentals and manage maintenance requests, which are among many aspects of real estate that will be revolutionized by blockchain technology.

“Realiz will revolutionize real estate token investing by substituting complexity, paperwork, and non-transparency with a simple click, to access digitized securities around the globe for everyone. Safe and regulated environment with assessed investments to generate passive income with low risk. Access a large variety of real estate investments around the globe, from residential in the French Riviera to commercial in the USA or industrial in Japan.” – Brice Vandevoorde, Founder & CEO Realiz.

About Assetera 

Assetera is the first regulated trading platform in the EU for digital securities and digital assets, targeting institutional and retail investors. Assetera is licensed and supervised by the Austrian FMA, making Assetera your trustworthy partner in the new area of asset tokenization, primary market and secondary market trading, management, and custody. Assetera’s vision is to build the Capital Market 2.0 – the preferred regulated hub for blockchain based financial instruments by bringing communities together and empowering them with financial innovations.

About Realiz

With offices in France and Japan, Realiz has put together a team of experts from around the world to combine knowledge, creativity, and expertise in order to create an innovative marketplace. People are the core of Realiz, and we want to introduce positive changes in the investment world to make a better tomorrow. Realiz counts on strategic trusted advisors with targeted knowledge in particular industry or with a specific expertise. To be global, we need to be local. This is why we are developing branches to better address a fast-changing market and identify the best opportunities.

Photo by Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash

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