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Project NEXUS, a leap for Traditional Finance, made possible through blockchain technology

What is Project NEXUS?

Real Estate, Stock Derivatives, and Crypto linked through blockchain technology, tokenization, and fractionalization, and all are made available, collateralizable, and tradable in one app – the Project NEXUS App. Mohammed Khashogji, CEO of Project NEXUS, shared that “from my experience in Traditional Finance, I saw several constant repeating problems that were frustrating and nonsensical. When introduced to Blockchain Technology by Co-Founder Nadeem, the potential solutions to real-life issues, such as ease of use, better value, and efficiency, quickly bubbled to the surface of my mind. I was immediately hooked and shifted my focus to solving the unsolved.”

Tokenization & fractionalization with Project NEXUS

Both Tokenization & Fractionalization make Project NEXUS able to do what it needs. Fractionalization allows both Real Estate & Stock Derivatives to be broken down into smaller parts, while tokenization provides the parts with value and meaning.

Tokenization & Fractionalization enables Real Estate, for example, to be broken down into tens of thousands or hundreds or thousands of individual tokens, which means that the properties of significant value are now available in increments of $5 per token, which makes it so that almost everyone can invest according to their budget.

Kiss-Hug-Kiss-Hug – The NEXUS Token

XOXO has been given a considerable amount of research, thought, and planning. Project NEXUS even held focus group meetings with a select group from its community, the Brainiacs. Sessions included the presentation of ideas formed in-house, feedback, and investigation into new and unique ideas never seen in the market before.

Within their Lightpaper, there are seventeen use cases, nine of which are brand new to the market and not seen elsewhere. Vasileios Ntamtsios, Head of Crypto Research and Tokenization for Project NEXUS, said “Project NEXUS is unique and will not offer the common tradable asset that people have grown to accept. Instead, we will provide one; investors are genuinely interested in holding for the long term with benefits that my team and I have meticulously sculpted.

Project NEXUS App

Project NEXUS offers Real Estate tokens for $5 and Stock Derivatives for only $1. The tokens may have been fractionalized; however, the benefits have not, with rent and dividends being earned, on a fractional basis. You own the property or the Stock Derivative, and you earn the rent or the dividend on a fractional basis. If you want to make more, you simply buy more within your investment strategy and budget.

Cash area and loans are two other features. The cash area is similar to a bank’s with incoming and outgoing transactions. Your money and crypto are stored here while you plan your next move, whether investing, sending, or spending with the NEXUS debit/credit card. Loans are available for as little as $50, up to 60% cheaper than traditional banks, with the loan offer & collateralization process taking just minutes!

The NEXUS card will operate similarly to a standard debit card, enabling users to spend their crypto, fiat, and loans directly from their cash area within the app.

The App has been built cleverly, whereby it can collect quotes from dozens of live exchanges. This will give the users the ultimate shopping experience, automatically measuring price impact for user’s volume, trading fees, and other factors, and then placing the trade on one or multiple exchanges in the most cost-effective setup possible.

Dozens of exchanges but only one KYC! This means that users have the best value and only one KYC with both time and money saved! Yes, when you KYC through Project NEXUS App, you only have to do this once.

Nadeem Alrabey, Chief Operating Officer for Project NEXUS, said, “this is only the beginning. NEXUS is investigating auxiliary markets, tools, and strategic partners that will continue to bring the company, investors, and NEXUS App users value for many years into the future.

Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash

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