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International digital asset-management platform brixie is aiming to raise $3 million to $5 million in its upcoming seed fundraising round after successfully raising $500,000 in pre-seed capital earlier this year.

The seed funding will assist the Singapore-registered company to increase its speed to market and launch its solution to the wider market within the first half of 2023.

The company is founded by three well-known executives and investors in Cambodia’s rapidly developing Fintech sector: Chairman and Group CEO Tomas Pokorny, Vice-Chairman Pablo F. Alonso Caprile, and Chris Wray.

Several leading Fintech players from around the world invested in the pre-seed funding. The group stated they have the ambition to become the world’s first and largest fully tokenized real-estate investment vehicle.

Strong potential for investors that purchase an equity stake 

brixie is looking for global investors that share its vision to democratize real-estate investments and build a game-changing platform. Chairman and Group CEO Mr. Tomas Pokorny explained there is very strong potential for investors in the venture as the company has been launched by experienced, repeat entrepreneurs with multiple exits, and supported by a world-class Advisory Board and global Investors.

“The structure of the company has been placed in reliable and reputable jurisdictions and the value of the investment made is both scalable and future-proof with growing technological value, with which we expect to challenge the status quo of real assets tokenization as we know it,” Pokorny said.

“While from a user’s perspective, brixie’s users are investing via a proof-of-stake Near chain based blockchain platform with decentralized finance principles, allowing them to make decisions in a democratized, transparent, and fully secure way,” he added.

Allows users to tokenize real estate assets from countries worldwide

brixie aims to provide an easy-to-use and highly secure platform that allows its users to tokenize real-estate assets from countries worldwide with its first assets under management to be located in Cambodia, South Africa, Nigeria, Malaysia, Indonesia, UK, Czech Republic, Colombia, Brazil, Australia, and Spain.

Users will then be able to trade these tokens from within the platform or crowdsource funds to acquire them. As a whole, brixie‘s aim is to allow its users to access global investment opportunities, invest in non-speculative digital assets and manage their funds easily.

Looking to the future, brixie‘s team will focus on its soft-launch initiatives which include an addition of a Climate Change Fight Fund Initiative, to tokenize and protect large swathes of forested land.

The initiative, among other company’s efforts, is aimed at lowering barriers of entry of both B2B and B2C users into the brixie platform, monetizing climate change projects and removing liquidity challenges.

According to the group, this diversity of asset class portfolio as well as a truly international focus, backed by a unique approach to licensing and assets holding, is brixie‘s key recipe for scale.

Photo by Danist Soh on Unsplash

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