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Asia’s First Digital Asset Series (DAS) Seminars Covering Twelve Key Topics Across the Digital Asset Space to Debut in Hong Kong

Initiated and sponsored by the TADS Awards, the world’s first international awards for Tokenized Assets & Digitized Securities (TADS), 2022 Digital Asset Series (DAS) is a series of free educational seminars delivered by industry leaders and practitioners, legal and consulting professionals, regulators, and academic scholars from Fintech ecosystem. The objectives of DAS are to educate the general public about the ever-growing landscape of digital assets and facilitate mass adoption by covering different key topics across the digital asset space. From August to November 2022, DAS will be hosting eight (8) free educational seminars spanning a four-month period, including:

  1. Investment Strategies and Asset Management for Digital Assets
  2. Digitized Securities and Security Tokens
  3. Digital Asset for ESG, Impact and Social Good
  4. Regulatory and Compliance Landscape in the Digital Asset
  5. Stablecoin and CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency)
  6. DeFi and Cryptocurrencies
  7. Web3.0, Metaverse, and NFT Opportunities for Youth
  8. Market Opportunities in GBA (Greater Bay Area)

DAS is co-organized by seven leading professional organizations in the digital asset ecosystem in Hong Kong, namely (alphabetically) the Asia Pacific Digital Economy Institute (“APDEI“), the Asia Security Token Alliance (“ASTA“), the Hong Kong Blockchain Association (“HKBA“), Hong Kong Digital Asset Society  (“HKDAS“), Hong Kong Digital Finance Association (“HKDiFi“), the Society of Registered Financial Planners (“HKRFP“), and the NFT Association of Hong Kong (“NFTAHK“). DAS is also supported by InvestHK, the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (“HKSTP“),  Hong Kong Cyberport, as well as leading digital asset research units from three (3) leading universities including the Faculty of Business Digital Transformation Centre of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the Crypto-Fintech Lab of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and the EMBA Programme at the Business School of the City University of Hong Kong.

King Leung, Head of Fintech at InvestHK, said, “the Hong Kong Special Administrative Government is highly supportive on the innovation and development of the Fintech industry, including the fast-growing digital asset sector. We are glad to see the vibrant initiatives initiated by the DAS, particularly on public education, which fosters more well-informed adoption by industry participants and healthy development of the sector.”

Samson Lee, Chairman of the Organizing Committee at DAS & TADS Awards, and Founder & CEO at Coinstreet commented, “from Bitcoin in 2008, Ethereum in 2015, Altcoin/ICO in 2017, STO in 2018, DeFi in 2019, Stablecoin in 2020, NFT in 2021 to Metaverse in 2022, we have seen that digital assets adoption continues to grow globally, even though the crypto winter is currently in full swing. This unprecedented growth in adoption must be matched by the increase in knowledge and literacy. Education is critical and can help people make better financial decisions, protect them from scams, increase cyber security measures, and open doors to new economic and employment opportunities. The scope is limitless, and this is what we aim to do with DAS.”

Kani Chen, Professor and Program Director of MSc Program in Financial Mathematics at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology said, “we trust there are endless opportunities with Web3 and are excited to work with DAS in the development of this Series which we believe will promote more discussions and innovations in this space.”

Jack Poon, Professor of Practice at the School of Accounting and Finance of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University added, “the innovation used to build around digital assets are both creative and disruptive.  The Digital Assets Series would provide a broad and balanced view of the latest developments in this rapidly growing frontier.”

Michael C S Wong, Associate Professor of Finance and EMBA Director of City University of Hong Kong, commented that “most financial transactions and financial services will be digital, tokenized, and AI-driven in the next decade. The Hong Kong community should nurture more talents for this trend.” 

David Wen, Organizing Committee at DAS, and Chairman at the Asia Pacific Digital Economy Institute (“APDEI”), Professor of International Business School and Director of International Research Center for Fintech Security at the Zhejiang University said, “DAS seminars will bring together forefront industry leaders with different backgrounds across the digital asset space to share their unique perspectives and insights, as well as identify the most controversial topical debates thus correcting any misconceptions and further inspiring discussions about the possible future opportunities of digital assets.”

Emil Chan, Organizing Committee at DAS, and Co-Chair at the Hong Kong Digital Finance Association (“HKDiFi”), commented, “the digitization of financial services, including DeFi, Stablecoin and CBDC, is reshaping the business models of different industries and the landscape of our daily lives.  It is creating efficient financial services while facilitating the economic development of financial industries that are trying to embrace change, and DAS is a catalyst empowering such adoption process.”

Michael Wong, Organizing Committee at DAS, and President at Society of Registered Financial Planners (“HKRFP”) said, “I am delighted to join DAS. In Hong Kong, the granting of the first SFC licensed digital broker to trade security tokens is a prominent step. DAS is another great initiative.  Through the coming activities, I’m looking forward to seeing more insights and broader adoptions between legal professionals and industry players.”

Alex Au, Organizing Committee at DAS, and Co-Founder of Hong Kong Digital Asset Society said, “with the current downturn in the market, this is the  perfect timing and opportunity to study and consolidate your knowledge of crypto and Web3.”

Tony Tong, Organizing Committee at DAS, and Chairman at the Hong Kong Blockchain Association said: “On behalf of Hong Kong Blockchain Association HKBA, I’d like to congratulate the successful launch of the Digital Asset Series (DAS) educational seminars which increases the knowledge and literacy of many aspects of digital assets from the general public.”

Tony Chan, Organizing Committee at DAS, and Co-Chair at the NFT Association of Hong Kong (“NFTAHK”) said, “Current market has some common misconceptions about NFTs, and education is the key to clarify and to better understand the potential value and utility of NFTs. DAS is a very meaningful and powerful platform to achieve such goals.”

Henry Yu, Organizing Committee at DAS, and Founding Committee at Asia Security Token Alliance (“ASTA”) said, “the Asia Security Token Alliance is dedicated to fostering the digital securities and tokenized securities industry and to educating the general public about the security token ecosystem. We are delighted to support DAS to promote the new era of digital assets.”

About DAS

DAS is a series of free educational seminars for the general public that aims to facilitate mass adoption of digital assets. The series covers twelve key topics across the digital asset space including Investment Strategies, Asset Management, Security Tokens, Web3, Metaverse, NFT, Regulatory, Stablecoin, CBDC, DeFi, Cryptocurrencies, ESG, Impact and Social Good. The objectives of DAS include providing a coordinated series of seminars covering various key sub-topics in the ever-growing landscape of digital assets, bringing together forefront industry leaders with different backgrounds and sharing their unique perspectives and insights in the digital asset space. Other objectives include identifying the most controversial topics, correcting any misconceptions and further inspiring discussion about the possible future opportunities of digital assets.

About TADS Awards

First launched in 2020, the Tokenized Assets & Digital Securities Awards (“TADS Awards”) is the world’s first annual international awards for the Tokenized Assets & Digital Securities sector. It celebrates this industry by recognizing and honoring significant contributions and distinguished achievements worldwide. Hosted annually, the TADS Awards brings together individuals and businesses to share the energy that tokenization brings to the financial sector. TADS Awards also aims to nurture the growth of these specific industries by jointly establishing “best practices” and setting “measuring standards” for high-quality tokenized assets and digitized securities, together with other industry leaders on the global market.

Image from Andres Garcia on Unsplash

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