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SmartCard Marketing Systems Inc. Releases The Ambassadors Partner Program Pricing Matrix

SmartCard Marketing Systems Inc. (SMKG) is pleased to announce the initial launch of its Ambassadors Partner Program, accelerating the go-to-market offering of the company’s proprietary Intellectual Property Portfolio.

The IP suite of SMKG comprises of 18 platforms which includes 8 marketplace technologies – All in one company. The market segments for the technologies include:

Banking 4.0, Web 3.0, Payments, Cross-Border Payments, Retail Wallets, NFT Minting, Crypto Issuing, Digital Assets Tokenization, Blockchain Multi-porting and most recently Metaverse(s).

About the Ambassadors Partner Program

The Ambassadors program is aimed at Enterprises and Financial institutions with a significant portfolio of Vendors, Merchants and Consumers. In several markets the structure of these institutions service several verticals with key traditional distinctions and the third for DAOs;

  1. Direct to market
  2. Licensed Third Party Providers
  3. DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization)

The pricing matrix offered creates an opportunity between SMKG and the Institution to service the customers in partnership with a unique buy-in and commission schedule for transactions fees, activations and support. The distinction of the Ambassadors Partner Program is to offer the “License to Own” model which creates a critical success for adoption by the client – knowing they have to the option to purchase the Code library outright for limited use in their line of business and not for resale. For the first time, the company has published and marketed openly the pricing matrix. Initial entry prices range from $10k with a 7% residual for Reseller Partners to $500k +80% residual for FI’s & Enterprises to scale their customer base.

The CEO of SMKG, Massimo Barone, stated, “We are pleased to launch the Ambassadors Program. This is a major milestone for the company as it is the result of significant work and discovery with our partners and customers for several markets. In the sales and lifecycles of any company to find the right price and model to bring to market is essential to success and defining the product offering to potential new customers and partners. We have an exciting portfolio and want to capture the growth in Digital Payments Transformation.

“The way to capture that growth is to bundle marketplace applications that service E-commerce, Mobility, Brick/Mortar Retail and scale with AR/VR for the Metaverses. The SMKG portfolio is more than capable in design to meet the projects and fulfill our Ambassador Partner Program offering, which focuses on mass adoption in several markets we are after while meeting the concerns of customers when its critical to own the Digital Assets.”

About SmartCard Marketing Systems Inc. (SMKG)

SmartCard Marketing Systems Inc. (SMKG) is an industry leader in specialized industry e-Commerce, Cloud and Mobility applications delivering White Label solutions to the global PayTech and FinTech markets. SMKG is a boutique technology company, providing Business Intelligence and Digital Transformation Strategies with a proprietary portfolio of applications and wireframes for Banking, Enterprises and Retail e-Wallets offering Blockchain Protocols, Crypto Issuing, NFT Minting, Tokenization, Digital ID-eKYC, Digital Automation Strategies with “License to Own” marketplace applications.

Photo by ActionVance on Unsplash

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