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A sustainable IPO in the form of a Security Token Offering for Aquaculture supplier Aquaturu Inc.

The world’s oceans are in crisis mode and in need of a worldwide “rescue operation”. Basically we are destroying the world’s oceans and life for ourselves if we do not immediately act and change behavior as human beings. Now add that by 2050 +10 billion humans will rely on healthy proteins from fish. This is why land-based fish farming will have to grow fast to ensure supply.

Fish farm facilities are costly to establish and operate. The current mortality rate among the fish in fish farms is around 40%. For that reason, there is a natural focus on lowering cost, investing in more effective plants and at the same time improve the welfare of the fish. Aquaturu can help them reach these goals.

A significant reason for the high mortality rate is directly linked to the difficult challenge of controlling the bacteria and algae levels in fish farms. A challenge most professional fish farm operators attempt to control by applying known existing solutions such as Ozone or Ultraviolet lightning together with medicine, anti-biotics, and chemicals. 

5 years ago, one could have chosen the same solutions, but today Aquaturu presents its technology, which is a sustainable, effective, and cost-efficient technology.

The Aquaturu technology can be used in brown or dirty water and is not harmful to the employees operating the fish farms. Killing bacteria, removing Geosmin and algae 24/7 while lowering or removing the need for chemicals and antibiotics, makes it a simple choice. This creates new options for owners of fish farms to invest in brand new recirculating facilities or to update their current plants with a responsible green technology, that helps increase profitability by lowering operating cost, whilst raising the volume and quality of their production.

The timing is further positively enhanced because of the continued increased consumer awareness on sustainability and a healthy food production and new regulations to protect water resources and environment. Aquaturu Inc. can help the fish farms in re-using water, which benefits the environment and can secure low levels of bacteria in the outlet water.

Aquaturu will remain fully committed and dedicated to ensure the best product portfolio and to reach full internationalization within the coming years.

Aquaturu presents this new animation showing how they intend to make land-based fish farms more sustainable with better fish welfare.

Aquaturu Instruction Video

Photo by Bob Brewer on Unsplash

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