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MoonWhips Is All About Mental Health In The NFT Space

The MoonWhips team has pledged USD$100,000 and 20% of their lifetime royalties to go to mental health causes. Having been featured multiple times on the largest NFT platform (founded by Mark Cuban – @NFT), MoonWhips has amassed an impressive list of global celebrity supporters who align with their message and vision. 

Paying homage to pop culture from the ‘80s – ‘90s, Moonwhips are a collection of 11,111 highly-unique NFTs that are aesthetically inspired in a huge way by cartoons of that era – M.A.S.K, Thundercats, and Visionaries among others – and aims to build an authentic and genuine base for like-minded appreciators to congregate.

Arriving alongside MoonWhips is an exciting, pristine concept they are unveiling – “Nested” NFTs, or what the company preferably dubs “Matryoshka” (Russian Dolls) NFTs. MoonWhips breaks new ground as the world’s first NFT collection to debut as 9 different bases/variants – from Cars to Ducks, and Houses to Trucks.

The project also recently revealed the functions of 2 unique features – the highly-exclusive DiamondWhips NFTs, as well as the game changing Power Combination Utility – more information is available in their Discord server. MoonWhips holders will also be privy to an exclusive line of merchandise designed by an internationally-recognized streetwear veteran. 

Fast approaching their Public Mint Date on November 15th 2021, MoonWhips has publicly revealed the identities of the highly-qualified team leading the project – consisting a Grammy Nominee + Serial Entrepreneur, ex-CFO of a global advertising network + business owner, veteran artist with more than 30 years of experience, and an internationally-published Celebrity Photographer. They have revealed their identities for transparency and to back up their statement that MoonWhips will be a sustainable, lifetime project. 

“Our team not only has the creative brawn, but the organizational experience and strategic know-how to bring MoonWhips through a stable path towards the moon. After observing, participating, and understanding the world of NFTs and its many successful projects for some time now, we felt a calling to create our very own NFT universe with a unique silhouette.”

Messie, FuYou Labs

Photo by Daniel Mingook Kim on Unsplash

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