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Apotheka launches its security token offering to facilitate developing Unique Sports NFTs

Apotheka Systems Inc has launched its fundraising campaign to finalize the development of sports NFTs that combines both health data points and performance metrics of athletes’ across all sports categories.  

The Apotheka security token allows accredited investors to earn stock that translates into future equity in Apotheka.  

The token flexibility allows investors to invest easily under applicable laws from anywhere globally and online through the Utavi, a tokenization platform.  

The patented (Pat No. 10.885.170) unique Blockchain IDs & profiles are utilized as the foundation for NFTs technology stack to manage and securely store both medical and personal data on the Blockchain.  

“The differentiator of Apotheka NFTs technology against others is that Apotheka validates and secures (iterative process) a person’s profile using the “six-way person” validation on the Blockchain to create a unique baseline identity that can be used in various industries validation protocols putting into consideration HIPAA and GDPR requirements.”

Dennis Maliani CEO Apotheka Systems 

The Apotheka NFT eco-system is focusing on two aspects or use cases that is the athlete’s data as a hyper quantified model and the NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) that are transferable or non-transferable depending on the built-in inherent rights and security.  

Currently, Apotheka is in the contracting phase with some professional sports teams and organizations and in discussions with other professional teams to include ex- NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL players to partner and deploy the NFT technology suite.  

The immediate benefits to athletes and sports franchises include NFTs that are unique with guaranteed ownership, authentic, value holders, revenue-generation through multiple channels, transferable, brand enhancers, legacy continuity, and synergy opportunities for athletes within various markets.  

Secondly, a data-driven eco-system that is projected to bring in new streams of revenue and also can be used to augment fans engagement and experiences during live games, in sports betting, fantasy sports leagues, athletes’ vetting, fitness, athletes’ injury prevention, and performance improvements, licensing and marketing/advertising opportunities.  

“Integration of health data/metadata with athletes performance metrics for Sports NFTs will help improve athletes on-field performance and also benefits teams using analytics to create deeper insights for each player, and lastly increase prevention of sports injuries.”

Ravi Bhatia, Executive Advisor – Apotheka Systems

About Us

A SaaS patented solution that’s decentralizing personal and medical records on a secure Ethereum Blockchain eco-system to facilitate the creation of sports NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).  

Apotheka is a “disruptor” in this space and is offering a full end-to-end solution. It is the ecosystem to bridge the gap between Health Metadata and Sports Performance data (metrics). 

Photo by Lucas Davies on Unsplash

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