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Advanced Robotics has launched its security token offering (STO) on alternative asset marketplace STOKR, making it the first Romanian startup to raise funds via tokenized securities.

STOKR, the EU’s pioneering digital marketplace for alternative assets, just announced the launch of a new security token offering (STO) on its platform: Advanced Robotics, the developer of virtual assistant platform Mercurio, is looking to raise €350,000 on STOKR. This marks the first time a Romanian company pursues a tokenized securities offering.

Mercurio is a powerful virtual assistant platform designed to provide a seamless customer experience for clients in sectors ranging from retail and automotive to healthcare, business and event centers, public services, and more. The platform can serve as a guide, assistant, concierge, and various other positions, and is able to process payments, check identities, and even open or lock doors.

Mercurio currently services clients such as Sony Center, Dalinga Terra, Mobexpert, and others.

The ARI token for the offering is issued via Blockstream AMP, a platform for the tokenization of securities built on the Liquid sidechain of Bitcoin, which has been directly integrated with STOKR.

“We are building the most cost-effective AI assistant for companies to help customers enjoy a better customer experience,” Advanced Robotics co-founder and CEO Andreas Valentini commented on the launch, “in line with our commitment to transparency and a direct relationship with our customers, we chose to pursue a digital securities offering, which provides similar transparency and proximity to our investors.”


STOKR is the EU’s pioneering digital marketplace for alternative assets, where smart investors connect with and fund forward-thinking founders.STOKR liberates the access to high-profile investment opportunities from the inner circle of traditional venture capital. Through EU-compliant security token offerings (STOs), STOKR empowers professional and retail investors alike to directly engage with young and growing ventures in a simplified and risk-reduced environment, without the need for middlemen such as custodians or brokers. Operating out of Luxembourg, STOKR fosters a community of educated investors who participate in the future success of a diverse range of ventures through profit- or revenue-sharing rights.

About Advanced Robotics

Advanced Robotics is designing, deploying and customizing virtual employees endowed with AI-automated cloud based conversational intelligence – applicable in numerous devices and interfaces.

Tech company Advanced Robotics, valued at more than €2 million due to its automation technologies, is making major improvements to its core product, Mercurio, a virtual assistant that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to process data. 
Based on financial forecasts, the company expects a sales turnover of €4M in its 5th year of operation, resulting from selling more than 3000 devices, and an estimated net profit of around €2M.

Photo by Jacek Czerwieniec on Pixabay

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