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The world’s first NFT Chess Trophy was given to Magnus Carlsen – the unique official replica is up for auction ending tonight

A dedicated team of 3D artists, chess connoisseurs and graphic designers have put great effort and resources into the unique trophy, which was unveiled this monday in a streamed event that was watched by viewers across the world. 

“It’s a nice trophy and I’m very happy to be breaking this ground.” said Magnus Carlsen as he received the first NFT Trophy in the history of chess after being announced the winner of the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour 2021.

Another winner is still to be decided: Dedicated collectors can place a bid in the auction for the unique official replica of the trophy that was digitally signed by Magnus Carlsen during the victory ceremony. The auction winner will also get the opportunity to meet and challenge the Champion in a game that will be minted as an NFT. The auction runs until today Oct. 8, 5PM CEST and the current top bid is 5,8 ETH.

“As long as I win the trophy then I’m very happy to share it with anybody!”, Magnus told CNN last week – and that he did. Last week it could officially be announced that he had won the most viewed chess event in history, the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour. Who he is going to share the trophy with is still to be decided. 

About the NFTs

The Champion’s Trophy NFT is presented by ChessChamps.io along with a fine selection of Chess Collectibles. Chess Champs celebrates the beauty of chess and encapsulates the best highlights in beautiful ways for collectors to own, share and trade them. The moves, the moments, and the players of the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour each have their own NFT series that have been launched between September 25 and October 8. 

You can see the trophy and learn more about Chess Champs and the collectibles at chesschamps.io.

Photo by Felix Mittermeier on Pixabay

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