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Akemona Announces Contracts with Sports Companies for Raising $10 Million Through Tokenization

Akemona, the first SEC-registered, FINRA-member, crowdfunding platform that allows businesses to issue digital securities in the form of blockchain tokens, has announced the signing of two contracts, with a US football league and a sports infrastructure company, for raising $10 million on its platform. Both these offerings are expected to go live on the Akemona platform in 2022. Ravi Srivastava, Founding Partner of Akemona, noted that Akemona expects to sign 3 to 4 significant deals before the end of the quarter.

The Akemona platform provides small businesses, sports leagues, teams, athletes and artists the ability to issue tokens for their projects and to invite their customers, fans and the general public to invest in the projects by buying these tokens. As issuers, they can sell tokens representing bonds, which may be convertible into membership interest, common equity, or repayable in cash upon maturity. 

Akemona provides a seamless investment transaction between businesses and its fans. Its technology allows the issuing businesses to easily manage their obligations to investors, while digital tokens provide investors the ability to trade directly with other interested parties. On the Akemona platform businesses set their own terms for issuing tokens. “Investors like it because they can expect to share in the profits or get a payback with interest. These benefits provide a better value to businesses than seeking a loan from a bank,” Ravi Srivastava said.

Blockchain-based digital securities enjoy rising interest from investors as they offer direct ownership of the tokens purchased and the ability to trade them with interested buyers in the secondary market. Akemona is the only funding portal that can issue blockchain-based digital tokens as soon as the investor commits a payment.

About Akemona, Inc.

Akemona, a pioneer in digital securities, is registered with the SEC and a member of FINRA under Regulation Crowdfunding. Akemona is the first smart contract-based crowdfunding portal in the United States. Akemona uses the Ethereum blockchain to enable issuance of digital securities. Akemona Technologies, an affiliate of Akemona, has developed a digital securities issuance platform using blockchain that does not require banks, middlemen or brokers. Global investors fund projects directly by purchasing digital securities issued by U.S. businesses. This digitalization of securities contracts allows Akemona to reduce the cost of raising capital. Qualified businesses can offer and sell digital securities on the Akemona platform to raise funds. Digital securities can be traded 24×7, are settled immediately, and provide full transparency of trade and pricing, all of which increase investor confidence. All digital securities issued on the Akemona platform have a lock-in period of one year from the close of subscription.

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