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Alaia tokenises its shares with Credit Suisse in view of private placement. Powered by Taurus.

Taurus is pleased to announce that Alaia SA (“Alaia”), one of the fastest growing action sports destinations in Europe with 10’000 visitors a month, has successfully tokenized and deposited its shares with Credit Suisse. The tokenisation was performed in conformity with Swiss laws and regulations and the Capital Markets and Technology Association (“CMTA”) standards, using the Ethereum public blockchain.

For this specific project, Credit Suisse has integrated the full Taurus’ product suite in its infrastructure in order to allow the end-to-end digital management of Alaia shares and their representation in Credit Suisse booking systems. Notably, this includes: 

  1. The tokenization and issuance of shares on the blockchain via Taurus-CAPITAL, which is fully integrated with Taurus-PROTECT.
  2. The secure digital custody of Alaia shares via Taurus-PROTECT. This includes automated corporate actions processing, the “gasless” transactions feature allowing to issue, redeem, and transfer Alaia’s tokenized shares without the need of holding Ether. 
  3. The blockchain connectivity infrastructure that allows users to read and write on the blockchain in real-time using Taurus-EXPLORER.

By digitising its equity, Alaia simplifies its capital management in view of an upcoming secondary trading.  In the coming months, Alaia tokenized shares will be admitted for trading on Taurus Digital Exchange, the first independent and regulated digital asset marketplace worldwide, which leverages Taurus’ suite of digital solutions. 

Lamine Brahimi, co-founder at Taurus: “We are committed to supporting entrepreneurs and financial institutions to make private assets digital and facilitate corporate finance 2.0. The collaboration with the Credit Suisse Institutional Clients team has been exceptional and I look forward to the next steps of this project which will constitute a world-premiere paving the way to many.”

Adam Bonvin, founder of Alaia: “With Alaïa’s projects, we want to offer an innovative and disruptive vision of the development of the travel and leisure segment in Switzerland and abroad. We are particularly enthusiast with our collaboration with Taurus and Credit Suisse, which allows us to be a forerunner once again, this time in the digital finance.”

About Taurus SA

Taurus SA was founded in April 2018 in Geneva, Switzerland, specialising in digital assets and blockchain. Taurus was founded by senior executives with a background in banking, regulatory, IT, and cyber security. Taurus delivers its clients the infrastructure to manage ANY digital asset: cryptocurrencies, tokenised assets, and digital currencies, with one unified platform. It is a leader in Europe and Switzerland. Taurus solutions are in production and entrusted with the full spectrum of banks: systemic banks, investment banks, private banks, retail/digital banks, crypto-banks, trading venues.

About Alaia SA

Alaia is one of the fastest-growing start-ups in Europe, focusing on delivering unique action sport experiences to its visitors and guests. The company develops and manages sport & hospitality infrastructures with a large portofolio of products such as, for example, Alaïa Chalet, an indoor/outdoor action sport centre in Crans-Montana, and Alaïa Bay, the very first wavepool in mainland Europe in Sion or the Alaïa Lodge (from December 2021) in Crans-Montana, a hotel combining urban style with alpine atmosphere.

Photo by Julius Silver on Pixabay

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