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Unirealchain Onboards Its Pilot Project Hamubay for Real Estate Tokenization

Unirealchain announced its First NFT pilot project in the form of Hamubay with $1 billion in real estate projects under its belt. With Hamubay, Unirealchain has found not only a very important strategic partner but also a pilot project for the NFT real estate tokenization. The project includes sea villas, hills, shophouses, and entertainment centers. With a total investment of up to 1 billion USD thanks to the partnership with Hamubay, experts from their board will join the Unirealchain BREE (Board of Real Estate Experts) to increase proficiency during the onboarding process and to increase the average credibility and solidity of all projects. This BREE will be intended to give to investors the best due diligence upon projects they will be able to invest in securely. Unirealchain will have its Board of Real Estate Experts (BREE), which will be led by: real estate expert Tony Thanh Nguyen – President of Wellcome Real Estate. Mr. Nguyen brings 13 years of experience in the real estate business and investments.

The craze for non-fungible tokens has peaked this bull season with over $3 billion in sales. Several projects have come up with various NFT solutions tokenizing various memorabilia and real-world items. Unirealchain, a coming-of-age blockchain platform that is pioneering real estate digitization, wants to build upon those market developments and to build the first real estate NFT marketplace. Unirealchain removes all technological, economical, and geographical barriers. On the Unirealchain platform, investors will get access to a liquid, transparent, global real estate market.

Unirealchain LTE. LTD is a company incorporated in Singapore with a branch in Vietnam. With the ambition to digitize the real estate investment industry, Unirealchain has constructed a platform where real estate assets and projects are fractionalized and encrypted as NFT digital assets. Therefore, investors can buy and sell real estate online across borders with capital from only 100 USD, depending on their financial capacity, helping them access valuable and profitable real estate.

Unirealchain is not a broker. All investment properties and NFTs on Unirealchain are purchased directly by Unirealchain from the project owner or through reputable brokers. We even partner with brokers to reach more clients. The team is focused on giving clients a wide range of good investment options and an easy and convenient experience.

Unirealchain Combines the best of Blockchain and NFT

The Unirealchain ecosystem consists of four main components that make the platform the ideal investment hub:

  • UnirealEx
  • UnirealWallet
  • UnirealSwap and Decentralized NFT marketplace
  • UnirealPortal

UnirealEx provides potential investment opportunities for investors. Every NFT sale of properties or projects will be executed through smart contracts. For the listing of a project on the UnirealEx exchange, there will be thorough due diligence to check if the project is compliant with its local laws and matches the standards of UnirealEx. The minimum profit that Unirealchain aims to share with investors is 5% annually. This condition cannot be granted, but this result will be realistic when the steady-state is reached.

The UnirealWallet has decentralized management integrated with all major coins and blockchains: Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC-20, BEP20, SOL, DOT, TRC-20. With the UnirealWallet, payments can be made at the Unirealchain’s transaction points, e.g. in hotels or restaurants of the projects. The decentralized NFT marketplace has a peer-to-peer trading system, where people can buy and sell on decentralized UnirealWallet. The platform offers a great transparency and track records of all NFTs. All NFTs will only represent UnirealEx accepted properties.

UnirealSwap combines the best of NFT and Defi marketplace. On UnirealSwap’s platform, in addition to exchanging tokens with each other, users can ‘stake’ token pairs to receive interest. Interest rates can be up to 100% in 1 year. Staking is essential for the creation of market liquidity for the Swap. When a transaction is completed, the transaction fee will be shared among the stakers. The more transactions, the higher the liquidity, the higher the profit from staking. The strategy of building a large Swap and Staking community on the UnirealSwap platform will lead to a stable and safe investment channel for investors.

At UnirealPortal, users can read through the project’s documentation like information, location, status, and cash flows. By collecting information from the traditional real estate marketplaces, we will analyze and provide real estate investment recommendations for each area. The data collection and analysis are updated hourly, so users enjoy almost real-time data.

The real estate purchase price is shown in the purchase contract with the investor and published on the project’s detail page. In addition, Unirealchain will survey the market and update the prices and performance of the assets quarterly.

The real estate NFT projects which are offered as investment opportunities on UnirealEx come from two sources: Unirealchain actively searches for projects, negotiates with partners, or buys that property directly and then releases it for sale on the UnirealEx. The second source comes from the project owners that are actively looking for property buyers or investors and reach out to Unirealchain to digitize their project. The properties listed for sale on UnirealEx are carefully considered by the Appraisal Council (consisting of reputable experts of major real estate companies), based on market trends, user needs, profitability, project legality, investor reputation.

Unirealchain and Plethora of Investment Opportunity

During the first 2 years, while Unirealchain focuses on improving the collection of real estate data, users can use the services completely free of charge. Then, once all the data collection is completed and the connection to the government real estate portal will be completed as well, Unirealchain will consider the implementation of user fees.

Crowdfunding Platform

Understanding the difficulty of market crowdfunding for real estate projects, especially calling for capital from retail investors, Unirealchain has built one more feature on the UnirealEx Exchange, and that feature is crowdfunding. The typical crowdfunding opportunities for retail investors between $500-5000 means a substantially lower amount of required capital, than traditional real estate investments, but still might seem quite high for a lot of investors. Due to that reason, the UnirealEx platform will allow users to invest for as little as $100.

All Transactions via Smart Contracts

All token purchases for each Project are made through smart contracts to ensure publicity and transparency. Investors have absolute faith in the project because they can easily check the project owner who will be checked and authenticated through KYC + AML and a cross-check on his wallet address.

The UNR token is a key component of the Unirealchain ecosystem. A total of 10,000,000,000 (ten billion) tokens will be issued. This is the only time tokens will be issued. Due to deflationary mechanics, the total supply will be reduced from burned tokens after Unirealchain generates a annually profit. The UNR tokens will be allocated as follows:

  • Team and Advisor – 15%
  • Public and Private Sale – 45%
  • Exchange Liquidity – 18%
  • Reserve – 10%
  • Staking reward – 10%
  • Bounty & Airdrop – 2%

About Unirealchain

Unirealchain is an NFT marketplace, which offers digitized and tokenized real estate investment opportunities, utilizing blockchain technology.

Unirealchain’s platform and services have closed the gap between investors and projects. Unirealchain is pioneering the way real estate investment is done between sellers and buyers. With the breakthrough of digital transformation Unirealchain is creating a better user ex- perience, providing profitable investment opportunities to an ever-growing number of investors.

Photo by Danist Soh on Unsplash


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