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Writing the Future: 4 Street Art Legends at 2B Art & Toys Gallery

The grand opening of the group exhibition entitled “Cross the Line” will be held at 2B Art & Toys Gallery from 11-13 of June. This one-of-a-kind show will bring four internationally acclaimed street artists working together for the first time.

In this exhibition, Nick Walker, Ben Eine, Dotmaster, and El Pez invite you to overstep the invisible line that separates the comfort of the established from the inevitable transgression. In making visible both the restrictions and the freedoms of urban culture, they explore how identities and histories are created, transformed, or invented.

Through irony, Nick Walker represents criticism, Ben Eine is the master of lettering, Dotmaster is the magician of counterpoint and refined aesthetics, while El Pez presents new and direct communication with the public. Each one represents their own type of language within urban art, but together they become icons of nonconformity.

“Cross the Line” group exhibition will include a diverse lineup of original artworks and editions by artists, varying both the asset value and package for collectors and investors specifically. The exhibition will also showcase some unique NFT drops created by these street art legends.

For the first time, the gallery will present NFTs and crypto-art. This technology is giving creators the ability to expand their networks, certify their work, create and share pieces instantaneously compared to traditional formats. The term “NFT” is often used as a shorthand for a certain kind of blockchain-linked artwork, but it really refers to the digital certificate of authenticity to which these artworks are attached. NFTs provide a way to invest in and own digital imagery. The recent booms in cryptocurrency prices have given birth to a new class of potential philanthropists and art collectors.

What makes this exhibition apart from the others is not only the exclusivity but the ability to purchase art in both traditional and digital ways directly from the artists.

Located on one of the world’s most spectacular islands, 2B Art & Toys Gallery is Majorca’s major contemporary art venue where you can find unique and provocative artworks from prominent artists. The gallery is focused on contemporary, urban & street art, and collectible art toys and is famous for its wide collection of rare art.

Photo by Roberto Carlos Roman Don on Unsplash

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