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Titan Investment: The First Blue Chip Art Tokenization Ecosystem

Titan Investment Limited (TITAN) is an innovative project leveraging blockchain technology to tokenize real assets. It bridges the digital world with real assets, particularly in blue-chip art tokenization.

TITAN is a limited company by shares, with its HQ located in the British Virgin Islands (BVI). The main purpose of TITAN is to hold assets related to its native token, Ti22.

Titan’s parent company Alphaseed Technology Limited is a recognized fintech firm active in the crowdfunding and tokenization space. Moreover, it has established top-tier partnerships and joint ventures with the likes of Polymath, Equa, Bernstein, and Artory.

Ti22 Token

Titan Investment Limited solves the high barriers to purchasing a masterpiece as an investment asset class through the fractionalization of blue-chip art. TITAN has issued tokens by way of asset-backed tokenization mirroring Titan asset holdings/values to the fractional investment of non-bankable assets such as art. Titan creates new ways for investors and collectors to buy, sell, and trade art.

Ti22 token is an ERC-1400 protocol-based token developed on the Ethereum blockchain. Ti22 tokens represent ownership rights into the Titan Art Ecosystem composed of blue-chip Art assets, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and other asset tokenization. However, opening the door for the tokenization of high-value art as currently, the wave of NFT is only focusing on digital art production and not the physical one.

Ti22 tokens are designed to extend the awareness and adoption of blue-chip art assets in the Titan Art Ecosystem. In particular, holders of Ti22 will get rewards on the appreciation of blue-chip assets represented in the Ti22 Token by way of physical art, NFT, and tokenization.

By acquiring Ti22, TITAN users will be able to take advantage of the global trend of blue-chip art asset digitalization and fast track their way to generate further wealth. TITAN is the only art ecosystem known to exist combining blue-chip investable art assets and global art marketplace into one. Moreover, the monetization of physical art and collectibles by way of asset tokenization offers fractional ownership facilitated by smart contracts blockchain-based solutions.

TITAN Round Token Sale

Titan Investment Limited claims to be the first blue-chip art tokenization ecosystem. As a crowdfunding scheme, it conducts a private token sale with three seed rounds. For the development of their key platform, Artemos, and an art digital marketplace, some percentage of the a part of proceeds will be used. Also, in each succeeding round, the token price discount will decrease.

Based on schedule, it has already completed the Round 1. Within the Round 1 (calendar of 30 days), TITAN has sold 25,000 Ti22 tokens, raising $625,000.

By the end of Round 2, Titan will sell 100,000 Ti22 tokens for $48 per token, that represents a 14% discount from the regular price of $56. Following this, the Round 3 token sale will start by the beginning of June for $56 which represents the public token offering price.

TITAN offers a unique and innovative market opportunity for bridging the digital art sales and tokenization platform, making use of blue-chip high value paintings as the initial assets. Accordingly, the platform will form a new type of token in the market.

Titan Market Competitors

Titan Investment Limited’s diverse offering could make its competitors define all possible players in the art industry. This develops a market to exchange, buy, or sell pieces of art. By combining physical art with crypto variations, TITAN creates seamless access of blue-chip art to investors and collectors in a way that has never been seen before.

Photo by Zalfa Imani on Unsplash

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