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Antier Solutions geared to Launch new DeFi Wallet

As the DeFi market witnesses exponential growth, with the total value of digital assets locked up in the tools and protocols standing at over 36 billion, Antier Solutions is working to roll out the world’s first DeFi wallet supporting Ethereum, TRON and Binance Smart Chain DApps.

Antier’s wallet is an initiative to make decentralized finance effortlessly accessible across the network. Besides offering peer-to-peer crypto exchange services, the DeFi crypto wallet can be easily integrated into various DApps platforms like compound, Aave, Cure and Maker. The wallet will also be available as a white label product that can be leveraged by anyone planning to launch a DeFi solution. The easy customization of the wallet for iOS and Android platforms will contribute to accelerated deployment and time-to-market.

Antier Solutions Founder & CEO Vikram R. Singh talks about the company’s deep-rooted trust in the role of Blockchain in Finance – “No platform is decentralized unless it eliminates a centralized custodian, and most of the leading crypto products were plagued with this flaw. They were immature and not truly utilizing the power of Blockchain. We always knew that DeFi is poised for a greater role in the decentralization of Financial systems. Today, customers are increasingly choosing Antier for our knack to foresee trends and act upon them in advance, making us readily available to handle market disruptions.” 

The DeFi wallet supports HD Bitcoin wallet, Ethereum and ERC20 supported assets followed by easy to use fiat on/off ramps. To ensure a superlative user experience, the wallet can be integrated with crypto platforms, thereby supporting a range of DeFi protocol development services such as currency swapping, cashouts, yield farming, and staking. 

As Proof-of-staking (PoS) mechanism earns wider acceptance with ETH 2.0, Antier’s DeFi wallet solution will empower a new breed of investors to stake their assets and grow crypto earnings. Furthermore, this will contribute to boosting asset liquidity across Ethereum backed platforms. 

Tapping into Enormous Opportunities in DeFi 

As crypto investors flock to DeFi lending and borrowing platforms, wallets are an essential addition to the market. Keeping intact to its repute of a leading crypto wallet development company, Antier Solutions is excited to extend its DeFi DApp development expertise for the world’s leading crypto projects. Quickly after the DeFi wallet, the company is eager to launch other products for the new quarter. 

Headquartered in Mohali, India, Antier Solutions is a full service Blockchain consulting firm with staunch experience in consulting, development and promotion of enterprise grade dApps. With a presence in over 5 continents, Antier Solutions has been providing services for cryptocurrency exchange development, cryptocurrency wallet development, crypto friendly banking solutions, asset tokenization, innovative DeFi protocol and custom blockchain development services. The company was enlisted by GoodFirms and Clutch as among the top 25 Smart Contract development companies in the world very recently.  

Photo by Alina Grubnyak on Unsplash

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