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REINNO Launches a Marketplace for Tokenized Commercial Real Estate.

Five offerings worth over $237 mln are currently available to investors worldwide.

Investors can now buy a fraction of multimillion-dollar real estate using either US dollars or cryptocurrency. The properties include medical facilities, apartment buildings, warehouses, and more. There are both individual assets and portfolios for extra diversification. All properties are managed by experienced commercial real estate professionals to maximize returns and make investments truly passive.

Both American and international investors are allowed to participate in the offerings. The access is currently limited to accredited or qualified individuals in order to comply with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. However, the company is open to the idea of having unaccredited investors in the future.

“Ultimately, the availability of each offering depends on the SEC exemption chosen by our tokenization clients. Most of them prefer having Reg D and Reg S offerings that do not allow selling securities to unaccredited investors but provide other benefits, such as no limit on the amount to be raised. We will be happy to list Reg A+ or Reg CF offerings if our clients decide to file for such exemptions,”Viktor Viktorov, co-founder and CEO of REINNO

REINNO team. From left to right: Vladislav Christov (CBO), Kristiyan Lozanov (COO), Natalia Shirshova (CMO), Viktor Viktorov (CEO), Hristo Piyankov (CDO)

Traditional commercial real estate is reserved for the richest. Digital fractional ownership enabled through tokenization decreases the entry barriers. Now users can invest in multimillion-dollar buildings with as little as $5,000. They can compare properties and close the deals online — fast and without any fees.

Due to the regulatory restrictions, real estate tokens cannot be traded on secondary markets for up to one year after the offering is closed. In order to provide liquidity during the lockup period, REINNO will offer loans backed by equity tokens. The company has developed a proprietary risk assessment model that allows it to approve loans instantly.

“This is a real game-changer. There are many ways to invest in real estate, from REITs to crowdfunding. However, none of them can deliver this level of liquidity, especially during the lockup period,”

Kristiyan Lozanov, COO at REINNO.

REINNO made news earlier this year when it tokenized a commercial real estate fund worth $105 mln and an office building in Connecticut worth $2.5 mln. Launching a marketplace brings the startup closer to its goal of creating an ecosystem for tokenized commercial real estate. It is now available at app.reinno.io/campaigns.

Photo by Breno Assis on Unsplash

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