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The Spring of Security Tokens: Technology Progress Uncovered

Securities and real-world assets increasingly get listed and traded via blockchain. The report unveils the state of technology development across security token platforms.

Security tokens are a new type of equities that are powered by blockchain technology. Instead of share certificates, bonds or land titles the transactions are governed by smart contracts and the ownership can be easily transferred electronically via tokens. This allows to easily list, raise funding, buy and sell such securities. Security token offerings are beneficial for the economy as they simplify transactions and attract additional liquidity.

This is attractive for many verticals such as real estate. It is compelling to use this new technology to easily attract fractional ownership investors from all over the world to fund buying of existing or developing real estate assets. Being able to list tokens at public crypto exchanges globally creates extra liquidity in both primary and secondary trading. It is also more convenient for investors as it allows to acquire any fraction of assets and to sell them much easier in comparison to conventional securities investments.

London-based blockchain software consultancy Dappros has carried out an analysis of R&D activity of prominent security token platforms.

The analysis lists over 12 platforms in active development: Polymath, Harbor (R-Token), SwissRealCoin, Brickblock, Tokeny, Atomic Capital, TokenD, Securrency, Swarm, Blockimmo, StartEngine, Securitize and AlphaPoint.

Github and Gitlab repositories statistical data has been extracted to understand the activity and pace of development of each platform. Visualisation is provided for latest data as well as the dynamics over time in technology updates and popularity among developers.

The research demonstrates several STO platforms in active development throughout 2018 and 2019 with Polymath and Harbor leading in US and Tokeny in Europe. Surprisingly, some real estate focused platforms such as SwissRealCoin and BrickBlock have overtaken universal ST platforms which demonstrates that real estate is one of the driving sectors for security token development.

This analysis will be useful for businesses who are planning to attract extra funding or increase exposure via a security token offering, willing to explore the new realm of blockchain-traded real world assets.

Full details and diagrams available via direct link to the report:

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