Chicago, Illinois, United States of America

  • Advising a blockchain technology company on regulations and restrictions applicable to cryptocurrency mining/pool businesses in Hong Kong.
  • Advised an international bookmaker and online betting platform on the potential structuring and restrictions of an Initial Coin Offering in Hong Kong.
  • Advised a major investment bank on investments in companies with significant cryptocurrency operations, including performing comprehensive regulatory reviews of these companies in connection with the investment transactions.
  • Advised a major payment gateway and processor on regulatory and contractual issues in connection with the structuring of a suite of payment solutions for “contextual commerce” transactions, including on issues related to the tokenization of payment credentials and the sharing of tokens.
  • Represented a global bank on the terms of its participation in a consortium project to create blockchain-based smart contracts that banks can use to automate the creation, exchange and execution of purchase contracts and letters of credit used in trade finance.
  • Represented a Tier 1 global bank on the terms under which it entered into the R3-led Distributed Ledger Group (i.e., the blockchain consortium to develop DLTrelated technologies, consisting of R3 and 40 other banks).
  • Represented an international bank on entering into a consortium agreement to develop a central bank digital currency working prototype using a cryptocurrency version of the Hong Kong dollar to be deployed in Hong Kong by the HKMA and the three currency issuing banks in Hong Kong for interbank payments/securities settlement with provision to wholesale customers.
  • Represented an international bank on the terms of its participation in a consortium project to design and create a prototype DLT payment system based on a cryptocurrency version of the Singapore dollar for inter-bank obligations in Singapore, first for payments in the domestic market, then for crossborder payments and cross-border securities.
  • Represented several companies in connection with initial coin offerings (ICOs). This included providing clients with advice on how to structure the offering to comply with regulatory requirements under securities laws, New York BitLicense regulations and money services business laws, as well as preparing the offering documents.
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