TYRANT’s SoulFire Facilitates First-Ever Fractional NFT Mint for Major Animated Movie

TYRANT, the cryptocurrency on Ethereum, has partnered with Protostellar Media to finance development of a highly anticipated animated movie, based on the world famous story “The Fable of the Dragon Tyrant“. The team has signed a top tier scriptwriter to begin development of the movie immediately.

TYRANT was able to let their community earn share in potential producer revenue by using ‘Soulbound NFTs’. This marks the first-ever use of Soulbound NFTs to fractionalize rights or revenue in mainstream media. Participants of the raise earn a small share of future revenue represented by a Soulbound NFT – which is a NFT that cannot be re-sold or transferred from the owner.

The Dragon Tyrant has been a highly anticipated project for years. TYRANT’s involvement in the project marks a monumental moment in blockchain history, as the first real crypto project to own producer financier rights in a major movie. The film is in early creation now with plans to take the script to major studios in the coming months.

Protostellar Media head of creative operations, Namir Khaliq, says, “We were blown away by the power of the TYRANT community. With everything they do for the story, the money they’ve donated for anti-aging research and how passionate they are about bringing this to life, it’s a perfect fit. We’re honored to partner with them and find it very cool we were able to make it happen by using new blockchain technology.”

The SoulFire platform, which is currently under development, is a web3 explorer and marketplace for Soulbound NFTs. Active participants will be able to shape their digital identity and show off the things they care about the most on it. The Fable of the Dragon Tyrant film producer revenues marks the first “mint” on the SoulFire platform, paving the way for new possibilities in decentralized ownership and financing.

The SoulFire platform has already attracted major partners, and is poised to revolutionize the way people think about charity and personal expression in the digital realm.


TYRANT is an emerging cryptocurrency on the Ethereum network that aims to empower charitable fundraising and digital identity creation using Soulbound NFTs. They are a 0/0 tax, 100% decentralized project, inspired by The Fable of The Dragon Tyrant.

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