Joker Club by Partouche Multiverse Launches Its MINT and Kicks Off Its Web 3.0 Debut

During NFT Days 2022, the Partouche Group announced the creation of Partouche Multiverse, the new subsidiary dedicated to Web3. In March 2023, the Joker Club, the first NFT collection in the history of Partouche, will begin its pre-sale launch. The goal? To develop a unique collection of Jokers, rich with new benefits and build a leading 3.0 entertainment ecosystem. This is an exciting challenge that the Group — which celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2023 — wishes to take on.

A Multi-Stage Sale: From 10 to 23 March

For the Joker Club’s first NFT (digital property certificate) collection, Partouche Multiverse has bet on the Ethereum blockchain, an ideal playground for targeting communities around the world. The MINT price has been set at ETH 0.08.

A launch party to mark the start of the 2022 pre-sale on 10 March

To kick off the Joker Club, Partouche Multiverse is going big and organising a launch party at the Casino in Forges-les-Eaux (76) on Friday, 10 March. The programme for this exceptional evening includes presentations with key Web3 speakers, the onsite opening of the pre-sale, as well as a show filled with entertainment and surprises.

Pre-sale available at other casinos from 11 March 2022

In Partouche casinos, casino players will be able to access pre-sales that make it possible to mint one or more NFTs. In this spirit, the Partouche Group is preparing its staff, informing them about the project and how to support casino customers during the pre-sale. This pre-sale will be available through 19 March. The list of participating casinos will be released soon.

A preview MINT for Whitelists and OG Roles, 20, 21, and 22 March

On these three days, all Discord members who have an OG role or a Whitelist — privileged statuses that reward all future Jokers for their loyalty and their involvement in the project — will be able to mint the NFT via the site

The official MINT will be accessible to all on 23 March

Update on the use of cryptos in casinos
In spring 2022, Partouche Multiverse announced the arrival of cryptocurrencies in casinos and hotels. The Group is still working today on the best solution to build a lasting partnership with a large-scale exchange. However, with the regulation of the sector fast approaching, Partouche has chosen to stay abreast of the latest news and will move forward with more concrete steps once the regulatory framework has been established.

Joker Club, the story begins with the MINT

The Joker Club honours the Joker, an extraordinary character who has traversed the ages and turned the world upside to leave his mark. This NFT community will spread the Joker Spirit, an entertainment philosophy of madness, fantasy, audacity, and originality. Driven by its community, the Joker Club offers original, exciting, and immersive entertainment, rich in new experiences and accessible via Web3 and in Partouche establishments (casinos, hotels, restaurants, etc.).

Each of the 8,888 NFTs represents a unique image with different attributes. Players become the owners of these Joker images and can re-sell them. They will also have the right to use these images for marketing and commercial purposes. This way, Partouche Multiverse will support the best Joker projects within its ecosystem.

Furthermore, the Joker Club is divided into four suits:

  1. Spades: builders, entrepreneurs
  2. Hearts: artists
  3. Diamonds: hotheads
  4. Clubs: adrenaline seekers

A unique immersive loyalty program

2023 is the 50th anniversary of the Partouche Group, an important year that marks the arrival of a new loyalty program 3.0: the Joker Club. Four categories of benefits will be available to reward its Joker Club members: benefits valid online, in establishments or related to intellectual property, as well as new experiences.

• Private Joker Club events several times a year and reserved for holders
• Access to the Joker Club community
• Joker Club hotline access
• Oversight on the evolution of the Joker Club ecosystem
• Access to online poker tournaments

B/Discounts, bonuses, and exclusive offers
• On casino chips (up to 50%)
• Shows
• Hotels
• Restaurants
• Group partner offers

C/Intellectual property:
• Each Joker is a unique work of art. Holders can use their Joker for marketing and commercial or personal purposes as long as they retain ownership of their NFT.

Joker Club, the community of NFT communities

With 42 casinos spread over three countries and in some of the most beautiful places 12 luxurious hotels in various styles, 70 restaurants, and more than 4,000 events organised per year, the Joker Club by Partouche Multiverse has all the assets to become the gold standard of NFT communities!

The goal: to make all its physical establishments and event-planning expertise available to partner Web3 communities. These new kinds of partnerships mean friends of the Joker Club can organise their own events within the Partouche ecosystem. By increasing the number of physical meetings, these events will make it possible to cultivate and strengthen the feeling of belonging in each community, forging physical ties, and sharing exceptional moments. The Joker Club is about making virtual communities real.

A rich animation strategy on Discord

To bring its community to life on a daily basis before the MINT, the Joker Club will offer a series of activities related to the casino game, some of which are new.

The Joker Shop:
A point system that rewards its most active players. The community can play exclusive games such as Rumbler, Guess the Number, and Partouche Quiz to earn points. These same points can be converted in the Joker Shop to obtain a whitelist, goodies (T-shirts, caps, etc.), or a specific role (OG role, etc.)

Weekly poker tournaments
For the pastseveral months, the Joker Club has been focused on organising poker tournaments. These weekly, online and free poker tournaments allow players to win real prizes and points that can be converted in the Joker Shop. These events also allow people to meet with other NFT/WEB3 communities that we regularly invite.

The Joker Club relies on street marketing to convey its values

The Joker is an out-of-the-ordinary character with unique values. This is also our approach to marketing the Joker Club through a prism of originality and inspiration. The Joker Club will reveal several NFTs and project information using street artists, wild posting, etc., to show that connection to different forms of art and urban culture. This is also the Joker Spirit.

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