RECIKA, a Japanese Web 3 company launches real estate NFT “ANGO NFT”

RECIKA launched a service called “ANGO” which allows users to buy, sell, and own digital real estate NFTs, providing users with a “home” in the metaverse. Furthermore, ANGO’s digital real estate NFTs are linked to physical real estate, where owners of ANGO NFTs can stay in the real estate in the physical world. Another feature for holders of ANGO NFTs is the inclusion of a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), where members are able to manage the physical real estate and vote on how to use the revenue from the property.

ANGO will also run vacation rentals (AirBNB) on the linked physical real estate to generate revenue for the DAO.

ANGO launch video

Background of ANGO 

There has been an increase in the number of vacant houses in rural Japan due to the declining Japanese population and also migration to cities like Tokyo.

ANGO applies NFTs, metaverse, physical real estate, and DAO to provide a remedy to this issue.

RECIKA has long been focusing on utilizing blockchain technology to create services that connect both the “physical” and the “digital” worlds. Until now, the value of real estate properties were only defined in the physical world. ANGO aims to challenge that and redefine real estate by giving it new meaning and value in the digital world.

RECIKA’s pioneering service “UniCask”, officially released in Q4 2021, redefined how people purchase whisky. UniCask NFTs enabled whisky enthusiasts to purchase cask-strength whisky stored in the cask, letting the whisky naturally increase in value while the owner can trade it digitally. With this previous experience of combining the digital and the physical, RECIKA has the tools and knowledge needed to realize ANGO.

ANGO’s name comes from the Kanji “An-Kyo”, meaning to live peacefully and to lead a calm life. ANGO hopes that digital real estate NFTs become a familiar idea in both the digital world and the real world.

Revitalizing rural Japan

As an increasing number of Japanese move from rural areas to cities, they begin to adopt the culture of urban living. While that is important for today’s globalized society, the culture of these rural areas start to fade and slowly get lost in history. Visitors and ANGO NFT holders get the chance to explore rural Japan, interact with the locals, and stimulate local economies to maintain rural culture, all while interacting with Web3 technologies.

Features of ANGO and use of Blockchain Technology

ANGO empowers users to easily buy, sell, and manage digital property NFTs on any device. Combining ANGO with blockchain technology, allows for the activity history of ANGO’s homes to be forever ingrained in the blockchain. Furthermore, ownership information is easily accessible in the blockchain, which aids in validating ownership.

ANGO is prepared for a blockchain based physical real estate registry system. The technology aims to further integrate real and digital property by recording property sensor data to the blockchain.

Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash

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