Spume Facilitates the Non-Fungible Tokenization of Physical and Digital Assets

Spume is a community-managed, owner-managed NFT marketplace. The latest expansion facilitates the non-fungible tokenization of physical and digital assets and discourages brokers, banks and other centralized authorities from unfairly taxing individuals’ transactions and property.

The Spume platform will provide a vertically integrated experience for music, art, assets, real estate, and ticketing. The test net will feature the ability to buy, sell, create, and accept offers on NFTs in both WETH and USDT. This platform will empower users to create profiles with different and new handles, socials, and more to market their projects effectively.

Moreover, everyone who holds SPUME is eligible to receive a share of the sales fee the Spume Marketplace charges. This sales fee is flexible and can be changed by the DAO but will start at a fixed 2.5% fee. The 2.5% sales fee is distributed evenly to all SPUME holders based on the percentage of SPUME tokens staked.

The Spume Protocol is an end-to-end transactional layer that facilitates payment infrastructure for physical and digital non-fungible token assets on the Ethereum blockchain. The Spume Protocol will enable anyone to build branded and personalized NFT marketplaces complete with on-chain payment processors while being able to tokenize both physical and digital assets. These can include but are not limited to the following areas:

  1. Digital/physical art and real estate,
  2. Intellectual property and its licensing, patents, and luxury goods.

The newly launched facility opens the Spume Protocol to all industries and allows users to conduct tokenized asset finance efficiently. Spume sees a future where branding is scalable via distribution channel partners, thus allowing brands/influencers/gaming ecosystems and other industries to implement end-to-end customized & branded non-fungible asset commerce.

In addition, the Spume Marketplace has four sub-platforms: The NFT Artwork Platform, the Real Estate Platform, the Licensing Platform, and the Ticketing Platform.

  1. The NFT Artwork Platform
  2. The Real Estate Platform
  3. The Licensing Platform:
  4. The Ticketing Platform:

Licensing Platform and the NFT Artwork Platform will eventually merge as the Licensing Platform is an extension of the NFT Artwork Platform. More on this in our technical paper.

Furthermore, Spume has also teamed up with industry powerhouses to create a new report and platform to connect consumers with creative solutions to digitalizing assets in hopes of making a truly decentralized exchange platform. Spume will be the community-owned and governed marketplace for trading and tokenizing assets.

The founder of Spume Beauregard Moody develops a funding and assets platform for Web3 projects that are building for public progression. Spume has the vision to remove all taxing intermediaries to give power back to the people.

Beauregard Moody quotes,

“After two or three years we started building projects on the Cardano blockchain. But also, on Bitcoin and Ethereum. That helps us see many different perspectives and cater to many different user groups.”

After that, the team around Beauregard and Silas began to focus on a single project: Spume.io.

He further adds,

“We are building a foundation upon which we can build solutions to these problems. There were a lot of aha moments, not good aha moments, but aha moments where we were like, ‘Wow, this has never been done before and it’s complicated.’ And we’re finding things out, working our way through them. Especially the work on the smart contracts has been very complex and unbelievably time consuming.”

Photo by Bna Ignacio on Unsplash

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