Obilum Art, Spain’s first curated digital art platform, is born

The blockchain technology company, ioBuilders announces the launch of Obilum Art, the first Spanish digital art platform (Artech), which was created with the aim of amplifying the reach of artists through the digitalizartion of sustainable and environmentally friendly NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).

This new digital art channel, pioneer in Spain, partners with artists, galleries and institutions to offer quality and curated digital art, verified by experts, differentiating itself from other existing NFT platforms. In this sense, it creates a new experience that aims to transform the current model of the art sector and take the digitalization of art to another level.

According to its forecasts, Obilum Art aims to sell NFTs of curated artists for a value of 5 million euros in the next three years and reach an estimated turnover of 1.25 million euros, becoming the Artech of reference for those interested in acquiring digital art pieces created by curated artists.

The platform has the support of blockchain technology company, ioBuilders, a global company specialized in the development of solutions based on blockchain technology for financial institutions and corporations. It specializes in tokenization solutions for digital assets such as bonds, funds, stocks, syndicated loans, or NFTs.

Investment of 750 thousand euros in technological developments in 2023

This new art environment, unique in its segment, relies on blockchain technology to amplify the reach of artists, beyond the physical realm, creating an enhanced experience that allows issuing and trading NFTs. To make this possible, Obilum Art plans to allocate an investment of 750 thousand euros to technological developments in 2023, combining experts in art, technology, finance and law.

Also, the concept brought to the table by Obilum Art is environmentally friendly, since, compared to other blockchain networks, the creation and transaction of digital assets generates 99% less CO2 emissions.

“Our goal is to provide the necessary resources so that artists and collectors can approach digital art and the infinite possibilities it holds, in a safe, transparent and intuitive way for all audiences. And also, to respond to those artists and brands with an ecological conscience who wish to immerse themselves in the world of NFTs, but without leaving a negative footprint on our Planet”, explained Carmen Ballesta, Founder & Chief Business Officer of Obilum Art.

Apart from the support and impulse provided by ioBuilders, this first Spanish Artech is supported by recognized entities from the art world such as the Spanish Galleries Association, TAC7 international art consultant, and other companies from the technology side such as Palm NFT Studio or LG.

With all this support, the platform will work with international artists to become one of the Artech suppliers of reference for international contemporary art fairs such as Art Basel, ARCO, or Zona Maco, among others.

First collection already available on the platform

Obilum Art’s first collection of NFTs is already available on its website, by Uxío da Vila, an acclaimed self-taught photographer whose work revolves around concepts as personal and every day as human identity, the passage of time, intimacy, perception of reality or memory.

Photo by Angel Luciano on Unsplash

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