Youbie Token announces its official launch

Youbie Token is a newly developed digital platform that offers a wide range of digital services. In the recent development, the company announced the official launch of its platform on 15th September.

Youbie Token has multiple features for its client’s and holders’ advantages. It includes Live Streaming, where creators can live stream. They can accept donations via their supported cryptocurrencies. Their Youbie Wallet now supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, Litecoin, and Youbie. Youbie is a native token that is yet to launch. 

The newly established platform offers NFT Marketplace, where creators can trade NFTs on the marketplace. These can be anything from highlight clips to funny/viral content they want to mint. The team is working on a function where streams can click “Mint (5s, 10s, the 30s, 1m)”. It will turn the past (timeframe) of the stream into an NFT and will be able to be auctioned live on stream. So, for example, if a streamer hits a trick shot in a call of duty game, they can quickly click “Mint 30s,” and it will mint the past 30 seconds into an NFT. 

Furthermore, Youbie Token also provides the Physical Marketplace where creators can trade merchandise. Anything physical can be sold here. In addition, it possesses the feature of Tournaments / E-Sports, where the company generates lots of adoption. Users can enter tournaments for all different types of games that are hosted directly on the platform. People can host tournaments for ANY game that allows custom lobbies/games to be created, which is 99.9% of games these days. 

It’s easy to join a tournament. After launch, creators will be able to host their tournaments. The system allows users to enter a tournament by paying the entry fee, agreeing to the terms and rules of the game, and entering their in-game details. Then it is up to them to join the game. 

Moreover, Youbie Token offers Premium Subscriptions to its users. As mentioned in Live Streaming, users can tip during the stream. Creators set their thresholds of what their premium subscription cost is. If it’s $10 per month, if a user lists $10 throughout the month, they automatically unlock access to the creator’s premium profile. It enables one-on-one chat, private video/photo feeds, and exclusive NFTs. 

Consequently, Youbie Token has its swapping system so anyone can deposit crypto like BTC / ETH  / LTC and easily swap it to their native currency Youbie. It means people outside of BSC can quickly get their hands on Youbie.

About Youbie Token

Youbie Token is newly established crypto platform in the industry that has developed multiple features to expand itself in the crypto space. The company’s native token known as “Youbie” is yet to launch. In the latest record, the company is officially launching its platform on 15th September.

Photo by Anton Maksimov on Unsplash

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