The Ape Project Is Launching a Revolutionary NFT Collection with Massive Utility

The Ape Project is taking NFT ownership to new heights with their newly implemented technology. Their launch will be on the 23rd of December for Presale Members and the 24th of December for the public. Their project amassed tens of thousands of members in their first week and is projected to only get bigger as we get closer to their launch day.

The Ape Project is a collection of 10,000 ape-based NFT’s that exists on the Ethereum blockchain as part of a Primal Experiment for the futuristic scientist known as The Governance. These members run this place called The Lab where experiments are conducted on the Apes from The Jungle to enhance them. But wait, I thought these were just pieces of digital art? No, it’s an interactive experience that the creators of The Ape Project have put together for the holders of their NFT project.

Not only will members that own NFT’s from the Ape Project own awesome digital art. They will have a chance to actually become a member of The Governance which gives them direct access to the creators of The Ape Project and artistic direction of the project moving forward!

Just when you thought this project couldn’t offer more to their community, The Ape Project announced that they’ve successfully created their own cryptocurrency called $VARIABLE that owners of The Ape Projects NFT’s will automatically earn just for joining! The token that their team created is what’s called a reflection token. This type of token automatically creates more of itself for the people that already have it in their crypto wallet. Read that again, owning their $VARIABLE token, that can be swapped for Ethereum, automatically creates more $VARIABLE just for you owning it.

This is much more than digital art. And in an effort to give back to their community even more, they’ve decided to give away $1,000,000 once they sell out their entire collection. Most of this money will go to lucky people who land one of their thirty Legendary Apes on launch day. These apes all come with a minimum of $10,000 in Ethereum each as a bonus for minting them. Some, like their Legendary Rolex Ape, will come with a Presidential Rolex watch or $40,000 in Ethereum to the first lucky holder.

Furthermore, The Ape Project is giving away $1,000 a day for an entire year to random members of The Governance in effort to build up their team and longevity for their project. They’ve stated that they will pick a new winner every day and there is no limit on how many times you can win other than you can’t win two days in a row. This is a really interesting concept and they intend for it to keep their members engaged with their project moving into the future.

Photo by Ryan Al Bishri on Unsplash

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