Techno and Chill – A Web3 Music Marketplace Where Fans Meet Their Favorite Artists

Techno and Chill is an NFT project with the central idea of introducing a safe bubble for fans and artists to meet. The project inaugurates with the launch of their NFT collection comprising 1,777 avatar-style 3D NFTs, each having its own unique features and personality traits. They are algorithmically generated on Ethereum Blockchain. The multi-phase project aims to create a Web3 Music Marketplace where artists have greater opportunities and audiences to connect with.

Techno and Chill offer the middle ground for many struggling music artists who are often overlooked amid the attention drawn by some big names in the industry. The chasm which exists between the big artists and those who are equally talented but lack opportunities, the platform will create an ecosystem in which artists will have the authority and freedom to experiment as they like allowing them more space to test their skills without getting exploited at the hands of record labels which only respond to the popular demand. Additionally, the project offers artists an alternative to centralized streaming platforms to generate substantial revenue.

The developers of the project are young, energetic Blockchain aficionados who are confident in the decentralized financial system, which is aimed at creating passive income opportunities for all. They have taken it further by innovating it as a guaranteed earning platform. They shared:

As mutual lovers of Music, we studied the mechanism of the industry, learning the harsh truth about how few make it to the masses and even fewer stay relevant for a longer period of time. The Blockchain has opened a room for music artists and fans to connect personally. The usual conventional 6 step model has been replaced with the much more modern TAC Web3 Marketplace model where our marketplace is the only mediator between artists and music fans. We are positive and hopeful that TAC NFTs will redefine how creators and musicians are engaging and rewarding and participating with their communities, with their supporters. So far, we are overwhelmed with the love we have received in such a short span of time over our social media handles.

Techno and Chill project reward artists for as little as having 250 loyal fans supporting their journey on the platform. The quick earn, expand strategy allows the project to grow, building a stronger community. The holders of NFT will have exclusive perks, such as receiving 10% of the marketplace earnings and becoming part of the DAO by participating in the decision-making process using a voting system. The DAO system ensures the project is community-centered, meaning by the communityfor the communityfrom the community with no central authority. The scheme allows for autonomy to the holders without them worrying over the transparency and reliability of the project. Smart contracts lay the foundational rules, execute the agreed-upon decisions, and at any point, proposals, voting, and even the very code itself can be publicly audited.

The democratic Techno and Chill ecosystem will be run by its members, who decide what is best for them. To top up the already soaring anticipation for this never-before NFT project, holders will also get early release access to Music drops, TAC token airdrops, and free and discounted tickets to events.

Techno and Chill Metaverse is expected to be operational by the first half of 2023.

About Techno and Chill NFTs

Techno and Chill is an NFT project with multiple phases aimed at creating a Web3 ecosystem where artists will directly connect with their fans. This Blockchain model has replaced the conventional model, which created opportunities for a few while many struggled to make a mark. NFT holders will become part of the DAO, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization of the Techno and Chill platform where everything is community led with no central authority.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

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