Sygnum looks to future and launches NFT issuance, consulting and custody

Sygnum, the world’s first digital asset bank, today launches a suite of specialised NFT services targeting professional creators, the ever-growing Web3 community as well as its banking clients.

  • Institutional-grade platform combining NFT concept advisory, NFT issuance and a fully-compliant NFT launchpad
  • Paving the way for corporates, associations, brands and artists to enter the NFT space and build and engage their Web3 communities with complete peace of mind
  • For its banking clients, Sygnum seamlessly embeds NFT custody in its bank-grade custody offering and all-in-one account solution

Sygnum NFT is an institutional NFT platform targeted at major corporates, sports clubs and associations, consumer brands and leading artists looking to explore the enormous potential of NFTs to revolutionize digital community engagement as well as the monetization of brand and intellectual property rights.

Unlike existing NFT platforms that offer partial solutions, the Sygnum NFT platform enables creators to conceive, issue and sell NFTs to their customer, community or fan base with complete trust and in full compliance with applicable legal, regulatory and tax provisions. It also streamlines a range of complex challenges, including tax and balance sheet treatments, crypto-to-fiat conversions as well as technological hurdles.

Sygnum NFT provides a simplified, non-technical experience to creators by offering them an end-to-end solution comprised of strategy, issuance, distribution and collection management. Creators benefit from the ability to flexibly receive and store sale proceeds in both fiat and cryptocurrencies as well as Sygnum’s in-depth digital asset and blockchain expertise and track-record of launching services with robust legal and regulatory frameworks.

NFT buyers, be it first-time or experienced buyers, enjoy full peace of mind knowing that Sygnum has vetted every issuer and only allows curated content on its platform. To simplify the experience for first-time buyers, NFTs can be purchased via their credit card or crypto with zero gas (transaction) fees.

Alongside the launch of Sygnum NFT, Sygnum also introduces bank-grade NFT custody services for its banking clients. Leveraging Sygnum’s purpose-built multi-custody platform, clients benefit from a highly-secure, yet conveniently accessible storage solution for their high-value NFTs. NFTs deposited to Sygnum custody are screened with Sygnum’s best-in-class crypto-AML tool and seamlessly integrated into clients’ all-in-one e-Banking account.

Sygnum NFT represents the first step in “opening up” trusted services to the broader communities outside the Sygnum banking environment. “This initiative is further testament to Sygnum’s unique value proposition of being a technology company with a banking licence, pioneering solutions built on future-proof technology and in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations“, says Thomas Eichenberger, Sygnum Bank Head of Business Units

Photo by Denis Linine on Unsplash

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