Nifter, a Music NFT Marketplace, Executes Agreement with Intercept Music to Provide Recording Artists to List One-of-a-Kind NFTs for Sale

ClickStream Corp., a technology company focused on developing apps and digital platforms that disrupt conventional industries, announced today that its subsidiary Rebel Blockchain, Inc. aka Nifter™ has executed an agreement with Intercept Music, Inc., a subsidiary of Sanwire Corp. Under the terms of the agreement, Intercept Music will provide recording artists to list their one-of-a-kind music and sound NFTs (non-fungible tokens) for sale on Nifter’s music NFT marketplace, a forum to create, sell, and discover unique music and sound NFTs.

Nifter will compensate Intercept Music for each artist brought to the Nifter platform, on a sliding scale based on the recording artists’ overall profile as comprised by social media stats, download counts, stream data, and many other variables.

Tod Turner, CEO of Intercept Music, stated, “Our whole purpose is to empower independent artists and labels to grow their audiences, and revenue, through every available, new, and emerging medium in the marketplace. Rebel Blockchain’s artist-first Nifter platform gives us a powerful and streamlined way to deliver the revenue potential of NFTs to our labels and artists, and capitalize on this important market opportunity right now.”

Frank Magliochetti, CEO of ClickStream subsidiary Nifter stated, “We’re very excited to work with Tod and his team at Intercept. The years of experience they bring to Nifter along with the deep seeded relationships, will be an immense help in making Nifter a success.”

The Nifter platform provides a comprehensive solution for artists to create, or mint, their own NFTs and make them available for fans to purchase. The platform provides artists a direct way to participate in the exploding market for NFTs, the digital tokens stored in a blockchain for authenticated ownership. In 2021, overall global sales of non-fungible tokens totaled $25 billion compared to just $95 million in 2020.

Intercept Music offers a comprehensive, powerful suite of tools focused on independent labels and their artists. The Intercept Music platform delivers the full stack of major-label services in an agile package focused on generating revenue and 100% artist-maintained ownership. Labels and artists using Intercept Music enjoy full marketing muscle including social media, ad campaigns, and playlisting; turnkey online merchandising; and free worldwide music distribution to more than 200 countries and 80 major streaming services.

Image by Jonathan Velasquez on Unsplash

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