NFT Tech Announces Successful Listing in Europe

NFT Technologies Inc., a leading technology company to mainstream decentralized ownership, NFTs and the metaverse for public markets, announced today that the Company has successfully listed its common shares for trading in Europe. The trading symbol for the common shares on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is “8LO” and the WKN identification number is A3DM5Z.

This new listing follows upon NFT Tech’s successful launch on the NEO Exchange on May 25, 2022. This new listing provides additional visibility for shareholders and investors.

“Europe is a leader in blockchain and cryptocurrency innovation, making it a natural choice for our next listing venue. With a significant number of projects we’re participating in coming out of Europe we’re very excited to allow European investors to participate alongside our success,” said Wayne Lloyd, Executive Chairman of NFT Tech. “We believe being listed in Europe also extends our opportunity to work with more projects and companies, Canada is amazing but to some project founders being listed in a region they can tangibly interact with adds even more credibility to NFT Tech.”

The European Union has traditionally been ahead of the curve with respect to the protection of digital sovereignty. But until recently, regulation, through measures like the GDPR, has been its only tool. Current trends now indicate that thought leaders in the EU are looking more and more toward Web3 as the future of decentralized ownership and control of data. In Web3, users can own pieces of internet services by owning both non-fungible and fungible tokens, which works to address what is often viewed as the main problem of centralized networks where value is accumulated by one firm.

About NFT Tech

NFT Tech works to develop infrastructure, assets, real estate and IP in the metaverse, build and generate revenue from P2E and M2E games, and bring insights and benefits to the public markets. By bridging the gap between traditional capital markets and the Web3 space, NFT Tech is mainstreaming decentralized ownership, NFTs, and the metaverse.

Photo by Maxim Hopman on Unsplash

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