MetaZ Holdings attracts $1 million in Pre Series Investment

MetaZ Holdings announced that it has attracted Series A Investment from Pinewood Capital.

MetaZ Holdings is a USA based corporation and is their key service, which is operated by, their child company based in Korea. meta[Z] is known for leading the innovation on the sneaker resell market by applying web 3 NFT.

Sneakers trading has become mainstream means of investments among the generation MZ. In recent years, the size of the resell market has grown rapidly, mainly started revolving around the US market. The Korean sneaker resell market has also attracted large-scale investments, growing rapidly.

meta[Z] is a marketplace where sneakers are traded in a form of an NFT. The platform provides service called Custody on which NFTs are issued for sneakers, but limited to sneakers that pass the authenticating inspection. It is proudly recognised that the platform maximised return for sneaker traders by dramatically reducing purchase fee to 0, sales fee to 3%, since trading in NFTs does not involve physical sneakers per every transaction, thereby the platform was able to cut the cost. Owners are able to trade sneakers without risking factors including damaging sneakers which may occur during multiple shipping and inspections, thereby the condition of sneakers are maintained as best as possible, keeping the value as high as possible. They are also preparing to launch De-Fi service in near future, which is expected to bring about another level of revolution in sneaker investment and finance.

The platform debuted at NFT NYC 2023. It was recognised as a perfect case example of NFT application and drew so much attention that they are in talk with a number of VCs and investors following the event.

Brandon Choi, co-CEO of MetaZ Holdings, expressed his aspirations and said, “Taking this investment as an opportunity, we will stabilize the service by strengthening technical aspect and proceed with service expansion as planned by taking marketing plans into action. We expect that will lay the foundation for leading asset investment service innovation.”

Photo by Taylor Smith on Unsplash

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