Hibiki Run and Sound Desert Forge Pathways in Web3 Music Industry with Innovative Partnership

Hibiki Run, the pioneering blend of music streaming and digital collectibles, has joined forces with Sound Desert, an innovative platform championed by Japan’s largest telecommunications company. This strategic partnership aims to revolutionize the music industry in Japan through the use of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and advance the Web3 music experience.

Sound Desert stands at the forefront of NFT integration within the music domain. Leveraging blockchain technology, Sound Desert collaborates closely with artists, delving into areas like music production, collaborative illustrations, NFT music creation, marketing support, and artist pairing. This multifaceted platform creates a dynamic ecosystem by offering services such as NFT music sales, playback and collection environments, and the provision of value and utility associated with NFTs.

The collaboration debuted with live performances by eminent artists associated with Sound Desert, including Miki Dōzan (DOZAN11), Sanzen Sekai, and BigHat Monkeys, at Hibiki Run’s Japan offline events, the Tomo Nights. These events represent an amalgamation of creativity and technological innovation, marking a significant milestone for the NFT music scene in Japan.

Reshaping Music Consumption and Fan Engagement

Moving forward, Hibiki Run and Sound Desert will synergize their efforts to pioneer novel Web3 music experiences, reshaping the landscape of digital music consumption and fan engagement. This partnership is poised to transform how music is not only created and distributed but also experienced, aligning seamlessly with the demands and expectations of the digital age.

This partnership marks a significant leap forward in the evolution of Japan’s music industry, heralding a new era of creativity, accessibility, and interactivity in the digital music realm.

About Sound Desert

Sound Desert stands as an avant-garde platform, supporting artists and music enthusiasts by exploring the development of music works through NFTs. The platform offers a spectrum of services, including music NFT sales, playback and collection environments, and the provision of value associated with NFTs. Through the revolutionary power of blockchain technology, Sound Desert is redefining the way music is created, distributed, and consumed.

About Hibiki Run

Hibiki Run is an innovative music discovery app with gamification elements, offering over 1 million high-quality music tracks. The platform entices users with cryptocurrency incentives, creating an engaging and rewarding music experience. With backing from influential entities like Synergis Capital and the NEAR Foundation, Hibiki Run collaborates with esteemed Web3 music platforms such as Audius and renowned Japanese Web3 artists, captivating over 100,000 users with unique and immersive content.

Photo by Namroud Gorguis on Unsplash

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