Blocto Partners with South Korean Gaming Unicorn’s Web3 Arm METAPIXEL

Blocto, a leading cross-chain wallet application and multi-chain Web3 ecosystem, has announced a strategic partnership with METAPIXEL, a web3 gaming ecosystem that focuses on developing high-quality web3 games that compete with traditional games. This partnership aims to enhance the appeal of blockchain technology and games to mainstream users and the gaming community by breaking down the barriers to entry of blockchain technologies and spurring mass adoption of Web3 games.

The partnership represents Blocto’s collaboration with one of the largest GameFi players on Aptos,  cementing its existing leadership position as one of the top three largest wallets within the Aptos ecosystem. METAPIXEL’s parent company NPIXEL is recognised as Korea’s fastest growing game developer unicorn behind the top-grossing MMORPG game title Gran Saga, bringing deep expertise in triple-A quality gameplay and interactive engagement to realize web3’s benefits of interoperability, composability and added utility into the existing gaming paradigm. 

As part of the partnership, Blocto will be the primary wallet for all of METAPIXEL’s Gran Saga: Unlimited players, offering social/email login, gas fee sponsorship, and unparalleled accessibility to dApps in the Aptos ecosystem. Ongoing community initiatives such as tester recruitment drives, NFT claims and airdrops are currently live to rally user activity and excitement for METAPIXEL. 

With the integration of Blocto Wallet to premier web3 gaming projects such as METAPIXEL, gamers are provided with simplified onboarding to the world of web3. This includes unbridled access to a wealth of dApps across the massive web3 ecosystem and the ability to display NFT assets in their cross-platform Blocto Wallet profile as a showcase of decentralized identity, underpinned by seamless connectivity via social and email logins. Overall, the partnership culminates significance towards building Blocto’s impressive array of projects across NFTs, gaming, and DeFi in its chain-agnostic ecosystem, which supports Ethereum, Aptos, Polygon, Solana, Flow, BNB Chain, and Tron blockchains, with more to come.

Joseph Lee, Business Director, METAPIXEL, said: “Our vision at METAPIXEL is not just to revolutionize the gaming industry but to create a gaming experience that connects the real and virtual worlds. Blockchain technology will be the driving force behind this new paradigm, and our collaboration with Blocto will help us achieve our mission by providing gamers with seamless access to blockchain wallets. With our combined efforts, we are confident that we can bridge the gap between active and potential players, thereby promoting web3 adoption and propelling the industry forward.”

Hsuan Lee, Co-founder and CEO, Blocto, said: “Blocto is committed to empowering individuals to participate in the crypto economy without the complexities of managing their digital assets. Our user-friendly and secure portals provide a frictionless onboarding experience, which is crucial to the widespread adoption of crypto. We are thrilled to contribute to the democratization of blockchain gaming and bringing it to the masses.”

Since its Series A round in February 2023, Blocto has amassed 1.6 million active users and increased its company valuation eightfold to $80 million. Leveraging investor support from strategic partners Mark Cuban, IPX and 500 Global, Blocto continues to enhance expansion of its interconnected dApp ecosystem as seen in the METAPIXEL partnership, while bolstering product and infrastructure development aimed at simplifying the web3 onboarding process.  

Looking ahead, Blocto plans to support EVM-compatible Layer 2 blockchains such as Optimism, Arbitrum, Polygon zkEVM, Oasys, Scroll, zkSync Era, Mantle, Base, and Immutable X from early Q2 2023. The company will also be among the industry-firsts to integrate account abstraction (ERC-4337) capabilities and social logins for improved accessibility by Q2 2023. 

About Blocto

Blocto is an all-in-one cross-chain smart contract wallet ecosystem that offers a seamless, unified experience in a comprehensive platform. Blocto SDK enables instant Web3 integration for builders, developers and innovators with significantly lowered user acquisition costs.

Since its founding in 2019, Blocto has been at the forefront of driving wide-scale adoption of digital assets — by launching one of the industry’s most extensive crypto wallets, prioritizing user experience and simplifying the onboarding process.


METAPIXEL is a web3 gaming ecosystem created by unicorn game company NPIXEL, best known for the popular Gran Saga IP. METAPIXEL provides first-class games and user experience for players on Aptos, METAPIXEL’s Layer 1 partner.

Image by Andy Holmes from Unsplash

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