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About The Reg Radar

Today, the primary challenge in the blockchain and crypto space is no longer technical. The current problem is the legal uncertainty in the vast majority of the world’s jurisdictions.

The players of the industry today want clear guidelines of how to comply with regulations to be able to scale their solutions.

The Reg Radar is a section of The Tokenizer dedicated solely to observing what is happening on the regulatory front within the blockchain and crypto space with a particular focus on regulations regarding the subarea of tokenization and security tokens.

The Reg Radar by The Tokenizer is still under development, but we expect to launch the radar no later than 15 September 2019.

Currently, we are building up a network of partners who will assist The Tokenizer in collecting data from primary jurisdictions around the world. We intend The Reg Radar to present a combination of news, case stories and comparative analysis from these jurisdictions.

If you want to assist The Tokenizer by becoming a source of data for The Reg Radar, please don’t hesitate to contact us on partner@thetokenizer.io.