Ondo Finance Expands into Asia Pacific


Leading onchain finance player, Ondo Finance, marks its entrance into the Asia Pacific region with the inauguration of its first office. The company, already a major global player in tokenized securities, is set to capitalize on the region’s surging interest in digital assets, citing factors such as a thriving crypto community, evolving regulatory landscapes, and growing demand for exposure to US assets.

Ondo Finance, renowned for offering three tokenized products – OUSG, OMMF, and USDY, has become the leader in the tokenized securities space with almost 40% of the global market share. The expansion into the Asia Pacific aligns with the region’s burgeoning interest in digital assets, presenting an opportune moment for Ondo to establish its foothold.

To facilitate its regional expansion, Ondo Finance has officially opened its Asia Pacific office and appointed Mr. Ashwin Khosa as the Vice President of Business Development for the region. Mr. Khosa, with nearly a decade of institutional business development experience in Hong Kong at esteemed institutions like Citi, Tether, and Bitfinex, brings a wealth of knowledge in onchain finance and a deep understanding of the Asia Pacific market.

Expressing his enthusiasm, Mr. Khosa stated, “I’m thrilled to be joining the Ondo team and building out our presence in APAC. The team is top-notch, and the mission of bringing real-world assets onchain is extremely important. I look forward to working closely with partners in the region to help investors gain access to this next generation of high-quality assets.”

Nathan Allman, founder and CEO of Ondo, shared his excitement about the company’s expansion into the Asia Pacific. He highlighted the region’s active and rapidly growing crypto community, emphasizing the appreciation for the high-quality exposure to US assets that Ondo’s tokens provide.

The expansion announcement follows a series of significant updates by Ondo Finance, including its strategic roadmap that outlines the company’s perspective on the industry’s current state and its high-level plans for the next 24 months.

The news also follows key developments within the broader Ondo Ecosystem. Partnerships with Mantle and Solana were recently revealed, focusing on bringing USDY to their respective blockchain networks. Additionally, the Ondo Foundation introduced a points program and proposed the unlocking of its ONDO token.

About Ondo Finance

Founded in 2021, Ondo Finance is a US-based technology company with a mission to make institutional-grade financial products and services accessible to a global audience. Specializing in the tokenization of securities and the development of decentralized protocols, Ondo has positioned itself as a key player in the industry. With leadership stemming from the Goldman Sachs Digital Assets team, institutional partnerships with Blackrock and Morgan Stanley, and backing from top venture capital firms including Founders Fund, Pantera Capital, and Coinbase Ventures, Ondo Finance stands at the forefront of the evolving landscape of onchain finance.

Image by Alex Knight from Unsplash

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