1st Wine & Spirits-themed streaming platform 


E-Studioz SAS launches its ICO and the WINETV token 

Bordeaux, April 24, 2023. E-Studioz SAS, the independent producer of wine & spirits films, is raising €1.5m to finance the development of BlueWine.com, the world’s first wine & spirits-themed streaming platform. 

With access to a vast range of varied content that can be viewed on demand, streaming has become part of our daily lives in recent years and shows no signs of waning. In addition to the major world-famous networks, several thematic platforms have been developed, directly in tune with the expectations of enthusiasts in a wide variety of fields. In this renewed audiovisual landscape, Gérard Spatafora, co-founder of E-Studioz, identified the notable absence of a platform dedicated to the world of wines and spirits. 

Yet, according to Wine Intelligence, wine and spirits lovers represent an audience of more than 380 million people consuming at least once a week across the major markets. While the major platforms broadcast programs on wines and spirits in VOD, they are usually buried among thousands of films intended for a wider audience and are difficult to find in their huge catalogs. 

Production company E-Studioz is well aware of this problem, having produced a 90-minute documentary film in English in 2022: “Eastbound Westbound”, an investigation tracing the unwavering links between the United States, Bordeaux and its wines. It was thus faced with the difficulty of promoting and distributing a film about wine, considered a niche segment by the entertainment industry. 

By creating BlueWine.com in January 2023, E-Studioz provided a way to overcome this difficulty, indexing the hundreds of documentary films, reports, interviews and works of fiction produced over the past 10 years. Their visibility has been improved with this online catalog, and enthusiasts can easily find a variety of content without having to navigate through different networks. 

At the end of 2023, BlueWine.com will go even further by becoming a streaming platform, the first in the world entirely dedicated to wines and spirits. 

On demand or via a subscription, enthusiasts will thus be able to access a wide range of content on this unique thematic streaming platform. 

“BlueWine.com will provide a way to satisfy the curiosity of wine and spirits lovers,” says Gérard Spatafora, co-founder of EStudioz. “They will be able to discover terroirs, landscapes and techniques in images, and also the fascinating stories of wine and spirits producers around the world. Existing films, reports and programs will gain exposure through better accessibility and their directors will be able to make their work known to a wider audience.” 

By stimulating competition around this thematic audiovisual content, BlueWine.com will also contribute to the creative dynamic and allow new projects to emerge. In addition to streaming, the new platform will also produce and finance original content. With this goal and to develop its offer, E-Studioz is launching its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) today. This €1.5m fundraising in the form of digital tokens is based on the expertise of Bordeaux company IBEx. 

“Committed to making blockchain technology available to the real economy, the IBEx team is proud be taking part in this ICO to promote the production and streaming of audiovisual works and support the wine and spirits sector,” says Laurent Bourgitteau-Guiard, CEO and cofounder of IBEx. 

This crowdfunding is a completely secure way to invest. E-Studioz undertakes to buy back and destroy the digital tokens through a Permanent Redemption Program capped at 12% of turnover. The tokens introduced through the IBEx Launchpad are deflationary, which is what makes them different from legal tender currencies or publicly traded stocks. Since the number in circulation cannot increase, business activity will create scarcity, accelerating as turnover increases. The fundraising is denominated in euro or in cryptocurrency from the IBEx Launchpad platform. 

Through crowdfunding, investors will enable E-Studioz to produce, and co-produce with directors, around ten original works a year and BlueWine.com to stream hundreds of programs dedicated to the world of wines and spirits. Within 4 to 5 years, this large catalog of content will also enable BlueWine.com to be distributed as a thematic channel by major telecom operators to millions of viewers worldwide. 

About E-Studioz SAS 

Founded in 2019 in Bordeaux by Gérard Spatafora, Philippe Maurange and Arnaud Serre – all three with a background in internet distribution and sales, journalism and tasting as well as press relations over more than 25 years – E-Studioz has a solid network in the international world of wine and spirits. An independent film producer, E-Studioz produced the documentary Eastbound Westbound in 2022, which is available in English on APPLE TV. 

Link to the website BlueWine.com

Link to the ICO and the WINETV token: https://winetv.ib.exchange/winetv-token/

Link to the WINETV SC: https://bscscan.com/address/0x3D8D2F45B824EB27E291AF2097eDabF102F4Fbe0

About IBEX 

IBEx is a platform for holding and trading digital tokens linked to the real economy (known as Real World Assets). Founded in 2018, the company is determined to revolutionize the sector through innovative blockchain solutions. The IBEx team of seasoned experts works diligently to provide solutions to make the field of finance more accessible by using blockchain capabilities for the benefit of its clients and investors. https://pro.ib.exchange/ 

Press contacts 

Gerard Spatafora, gspatafora@estudioz.wine, +33 (0)6 50 51 48 53

Laurent Bourgitteau-Guiard, laurent@inblocks.io, +33 (0)7 86 76 07 22

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