ABC Tokens Launches Capital Raise and Gives International Investors Access to U.S. Commercial Real Estate


ABC Tokens (Asset-Backed Crypto) makes investing simple and accessible.

With the U.S. commercial real estate market estimated at more than $16 trillion in 2021, according to, opportunities for investors continue to skyrocket. Additionally, the crypto market cap has also exploded, surpassing $2.5 trillion earlier this year. With the goal of making commercial real estate investments accessible and liquid for investors by marrying cryptocurrency and commercial real estate investing, ABC Tokens is launching a Reg S offering, raising capital from international investors to invest in U.S. commercial real estate. 

This follows on the heels of a successful U.S. Reg D offering, having raised capital for the purchase of $3 million of commercial real estate in 2021. ABC now offers 1 million tokens at a current market value of $13.50/Token for a total raise amount of $13.5M.

“We believe that investing should be simple and accessible for everyone, which is why we are removing common barriers to entry and creating fractional ownership for our investors,” said Matthew Andelman, CEO and co-founder of ABC Tokens. “Where investing in commercial real estate has often been exclusive, inefficient, and illiquid, ABC Tokens democratizes the process through digitized securities, creating lucrative opportunities instead of more hurdles.”

With a unique business model centered on cryptocurrency and commercial real estate, the blockchain-based security tokens fractionalize portfolio equity, lowering the capital needed to invest. Once ABC Tokens are listed on exchanges, the secondary market will allow token holders to freely trade their ABC Tokens. With a maximum supply of 100 million tokens, the platform lowers the capital requirement and welcomes more investors to the world of commercial real estate.

ABC Tokens has already raised more than $500,000 through token sales, which are anticipated to appreciate by 15 to 20 percent annually. The company expects to have more than 5 million ABC Tokens in circulation in 2022, with $150 million deployed into U.S. commercial real estate.

“Both real estate and cryptocurrencies are recognized as the most effective hedges against inflation, according to leading economists, which means that ABC offers a win-win on both fronts for all types of investors,” Andelman added. “We are excited to give crypto investors the chance to diversify their portfolios, locking in some of their profits and reducing volatility with our ABC Tokens, while giving real estate investors portfolio diversification and the opportunity to enjoy unprecedented liquidity.”

About ABC Tokens

Asset-Backed Crypto (ABC) Tokens is democratizing commercial real estate investing by lowering barriers to entry and creating fractional ownership through blockchain-based digital securities. ABC Tokens emphasizes security, liquidity and accessibility for investors across the globe. 

Photo by Max Bender on Unsplash

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